Ford Canada Oakville Assembly Complex loses 185 jobs

Ford Canada
Ford Canada Oakville Assembly Complex loses 185 jobs
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On Wednesday July 17th the plant manager called in Union leaders. They discussed upcoming scheduling changes at the Ford Canada Oakville Assembly Plant.

The union was aware that these shift changes were going to result in job losses. They had been negotiating with the company before the official announcement on Friday, July 19th.

“We have been arguing as a Local for the past several weeks trying to persuade the company from somehow avoiding this scenario but to no avail,” stated Dave Thomas, President Unifor Local 707 on the union’s website.

“As always, it’s based on a business decision and it all comes down to dollars and cents. Once again, our biggest concern was preserving good paying jobs and uprooting people’s lives,” continued Mr. Thomas.

As a result of diminishing sales Ford will reduce the number of shifts from three to two. A total of 185 people lose their jobs.

The layoffs begin on August 1st in assembly and paint departments. The next set of lay-offs come into effect in January 2020 as the body shop reverts from three shifts to two.

Ford Canada official response

“We have a long-standing practice of matching production with consumer demand. As a result, we are making changes to the operating pattern at Oakville Assembly Complex.”

The Flex and the Lincoln MKT sales diminished, and the company no longer sells the Edge in some European countries.

Political Response

Oakville’s MPP Stephen Crawford said, “On July 19, 2019 I was disappointed to learn of the 185 pending layoffs announced by Ford Motor Company of Canada in Oakville. Our community has been the proud home of Ford’s assembly plant since 1953. To the affected workers, know that our government stands with you and your families in this difficult time.”

Ford Canada Assembly Complex Announcements

In September of 2013, Ford Motor Company of Canada announced it would invest $700 Million into the Oakville Assembly Complex. On February 26, 2015 they announced they would be adding 400 jobs.

Currently the complex employs 4,600 people.


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