“From the Field”: a world encompassing photo exhibit

CJ's Cafe In Bronte June 2 - July 7

“From the Field”: a world encompassing photo exhibit
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Mark Zelinski

Mark Zelinski

For thirty-five years Mark Zelinski traveled to more than 70 countries to create the images for “UNTITLED”, “From The Field” and “One Small Flame” his brilliant sixth seventh and eighth books.

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The new show entitled “From the Field”  is an intimate visual story of the trees and rocks, the oceans and animals. It is also a document of the human condition spanning a 35-year period across the seven continents of earth. “From The Field” is also from the “Book That Heal” series and has reached more than 100 charities in 25 countries – including North Korea!

In January 1994, I was traveling near the Antarctic Peninsula on an inflatable zodiac boat with crew from the Russian ship Akademik Ioffe. We navigated slowly into a narrow, winding “river” passageway that led us for hundreds of metres across a huge turquoise iceberg, speckled with adele penguins. It was astonishing to realize that this dreamlike sculptured icescape was actually one iceberg, thousands of years old and in a constant state of melting and refreezing.


Watcher of The Lake, Coronation Park, Oakville, Ontario

Stretching toward the horizon, a tree reaches beyond the shoreline of Lake Ontario. I have been drawn to the waters of Coronation Park since I was a child.


Ta Prohm, Cambodia


For my “Books That Heal” initially I donated 7,000 new photography books to 100 children’s charities around the world. The books were created over 35 years in more than 70 countries. Hundreds of books were donated to Halton-based charities including:

  1. Canadian Red Cross Ontario Zone
  2. Big Brothers Big Sisters Of Halton
  3. Sleeping Children Around The World
  4. Support and Housing – Halton
  5. MS Society Halton
  6. Food 4 Kids, Halton
  7. Canadian Nurses For Africa
  8. Acts of Kindness Network

In 2011 I carried 20 donated books to an orphanage/school called Pagoda Thmey at the ancient temples at Angkor Wat in Cambodia (see photo). Early one morning, with several young monk/students from the Pagoda, I visited the 12th century buddhist monastery known as Ta Prohm. Unlike most Angkorian temples, Ta prohm has been left in the condition it was found; with ancient 30 metre fig trees sprouting from the damp rock of the stone temples. The orange robes of the monks punctuated an eerie but beautiful scene – one of the most amazing things I’ve witnessed in my travels across seven continents.

The show is being held at CJ’s Cafe in Bronte from June 2 to July 7th. There is a meet the author event on Sunday June 7, 2015 from 2:30 to 4:00 PM. CJ’s is located at Centriller Square 2416 Lakeshore Road East, Oakville.



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