Funding Secured for New HHS Mental Health Program Helping Children and Youth

Funding Secured for New HHS Mental Health Program Helping Children and Youth

With donations from more than 200 donors and two foundation that matched the gifts 2 ½ times, the Halton Healthcare Services Mental Wellness Navigator program has the funding it needs to expand its services in 2014 and beyond.

In October 2012, Oakville Hospital Foundation launched a one-year campaign to raise $1.25 million for the Navigator Program to help children and their families navigate through the healthcare system.

“In less than three years, we have already helped hundreds of children and youth in crisis,” said Dr. Alan Brown, medical director of the HHS Mental Health Program. “We look forward to watching this program develop and supporting families in our community who might not have had anywhere to turn before the inception of the Mental Wellness Navigator program.

The introduction of navigators has transformed the way HHS is helping children and youth in our community. Because children referred to the program are in desperate need of help, navigators immediately connect with a client. There are no wait times. Navigators offer hands on support to children and families, connect them to appropriate services, and provide in-school support to children and their teachers.

Inadequate funding for our community has made Halton one of the most underfunded regions for mental health programs in Ontario. The Navigator Program currently receives no government funding but thanks to the generosity of the Oakville community, funding is now available.

“The importance of this unique program certainly motivated people to give but there is no doubt that they gave so generously in response to the two incredible matches we had behind this program,” said Tina Triano, CEO of the Oakville Hospital Foundation. “For every dollar donated to the Navigator campaign, it triggered an additional $2.50 from two foundations – the Mental Wellness Network and Amarna. With the initial seed funding from the Mental Wellness Network to fund the pilot program, the ultimate result of all this generosity is an extraordinary $5,625,000 to sustain the Navigator program well into the future.”


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