G.I. Joe – Retaliation: Movie Review


Well after “Olympus has Fallen“, once again it appeared a North Korean had become the villian de jours. However, once the movie gets rolling, the villian is shown to be the Cobra, a Darth Vader inspired character. It says a great deal about the originality of the writers. They didn’t have any.

GI_Joe-_Retaliation_25This movie has all the requisite bangs, booms, kapows that are required for a hyper adrenaline pumped up action flix.  It even has a G.I. Jane Adrianne Palicki – who doesn’t fade against the testosterone male characters.  Daywne Johnson “The Rock” plays the main character, who against all odds with a small team of three,  manages to survive an attack on the GI Joe’s by a nasty chap, who has assumed the presidency of the US through sci-fi facial alteration. The president for the entire movie is abducted and tortured, until the original GI Joe (Bruce Willis) manages to break him out. The good guys prevail, the bad guys mainly die, except for the main villain – Hollywood wants you to come back to figure out how it ends.

The movie relies heavily on the 3D CGI. If it wasn’t for that – I likely would have fallen asleep. The sound track is completely forgettable and the dialogue is weak – Daywne falls flat several times. There are a few humorous remarks here and there – but not enough to hold it together. That being said – if you are a GI Joe fan – you might like this movie – if not – take a pass.



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Readers Comments (2)

  1. John New says:

    Any good one-liners in the movie (like “We’re gonna need new FBI guys” – Die Hard)?

  2. Nolan Machan says:

    The only line that comes to mind is:
    “Drive it like, you stole it”


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