Get Back in Shape!

Doing a physical activity that excites you will result in a life altering experience.

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Get Back in Shape!
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Eryl McCaffrey

Eryl McCaffrey

Eryl McCaffrey is a yoga teacher from Oakville, Ontario and a passionate health and wellness writer. When she’s not reminding students of how powerful they are on their mats, she’s writing about ways to find happiness, peace and freedom in this life. Eryl also loves hiking, singing and jumping out of her comfort zone whenever she gets the chance! Check out her blog.

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Your schedule fills up, you begin taking on more responsibility at work or home or you get injured, and suddenly exercising seems impossible. We’ve all been there at some point, seemingly unable to hit the gym or incorporate fitness into our lives. Whatever you’re reasoning is for not working out, your body and mind suffer when you fall off the wagon for several weeks, months or years. If this is resonating with you, take a moment to breathe and release the guilt or shame you may be feeling about putting the pause on physical activity. It’s important to remove any self-judgement, so you can move forward with positivity and determination in your soon-to-be healthier life.

I advocate for resting and restoring when you need it, but there’s a difference between taking a breather to recuperate, and putting exercise on the shelf long-term. If you want to get back on the horse, but just don’t know where to start begin looking at what emotions or physical concerns could be holding you back.

The Bronte-based creator of the Renovate Your Life programs, “The Life Renovator” and Fitness Trainer, Michelle Armstrong says people are often fearful of working out again after a long break because they’re, “afraid of what to expect, if they will be able to commit to a new set of habits, with fear of injuring themselves and…of looking foolish.” Additionally, most of us experience some tightness or soreness in our muscles after not exercising for a while, which may be unpleasant, but “within a few weeks (sometimes just a few workouts) most people start to notice positive physical changes in their body,” says Armstrong.

Intrinsic motivation is key to success in all areas of life. If you’re not really passionate about what you’re doing, whether that be a type of exercise, job or relationship, and you’re doing it for external reasons, maybe for social approval, money or status, you likely won’t have fun doing it and you may struggle maintaining it. If you’re finding it hard to keep up with your treadmill routine, maybe come back to why you started doing it in the first place. If you weren’t and still aren’t drawn to the activity because you don’t enjoy it or crave it, try out some other types of exercise that do excite you. Armstrong agrees, suggesting that, “if you enjoy something you’re likely to stick with it.”

Finally, try changing your perspective on exercise. It’s not a take it or leave it option, it’s not something that you can do only ‘when the time is right,’ and it’s not something that we should take for granted. It’s a crucial part of healthy living that must be attended to regularly. Armstrong says our health requires ongoing maintenance, just like a car, “not to mention that regular exercise also greatly improves mood, confidence and quality of experience in all areas of life.” If you want your machine to run well, you must fuel it with exercise, proper nutrition and self-care.

So, what are you waiting for?! Get your body moving and get back in shape, not only for your sake, but for the sake of your family, friends and co-workers. When you’re performing at your best you inspire others to do the same, and all your relationships grow. Have fun with your back-to-workout plan and start by simply moving your body more than you do now. Take a walk during your lunch break, try out a new yoga class, or meet with a personal trainer to discuss your fitness goals. Get back on the horse and you’ll hardly remember how long you were out of the game for!


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