Government of Canada COVID-19 Update – March 17th

COVID-19 Response Fund Anita Anand Oakville
Government of Canada COVID-19 Update – March 17th
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Minister Anita Anand

Minister Anita Anand

Anita Anand was first elected as a Member of Parliament in 2018. Ms Anand represents the Oakville Federal Riding. She is the Minister of Public Services and Procurement, and a member of (CANA) Canadian NATO Parliamentary Association.

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Following my statement on Friday, and as we continue to face evolving challenges as a result of COVID-19, I here provide the latest update on the Government of Canada’s response. As the Prime Minister announced today, our government is enacting additional measures to protect the health and safety of Canadians.

First, we will not be allowing entry into Canada to people who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents. We will however carve out some designated exceptions including for aircrews, diplomats, immediate family members of Canadian citizens and, at this time, US citizens.

Second, airline operators will be formally required to prevent all travellers who present symptoms of COVID-19 to board a plane. Airlines will also be required to complete a basic health assessment of every air traveller based on the guidance of the Public Health Agency of Canada. This means that anyone who has symptoms will not be able to come to Canada. In order to help Canadians traveling abroad, our government will set up a support program to provide financial assistance to help them with the costs of returning home or to temporarily cover their basic needs while they wait to return to Canada.

And third, starting March 18th, only four Canadian airports will be accepting international flights: Toronto Pearson Airport, Montreal Trudeau Airport, Vancouver International Airport, and the Calgary International Airport. At this time, domestic flights as well as flights coming from the US, Mexico, the Caribbean, and St. Pierre-et-Miquelon will be unaffected. It is important to note that the travel restrictions announced today will not apply to commerce or trade. We will continue to ensure the continued flow of important goods to Canada.

If you or a loved one are currently outside of Canada, I strongly encourage all travellers to ensure that they are registered with the Registration of Canadians Abroad service at:

The introduction of new travel restrictions are in addition to the $10 billion in financial support available to Canadian businesses and the $1 billion COVID-19 Response Fund to support our coordinated response to best protect and support Canadians. We are prepared to see Canadians through this difficult time and we will announce additional measures of support as early as tomorrow.

We want you to know that we have your back, and that we are all in this together.
Although my constituency office is closed to in-person visits at this time, we are available to provide support. Please contact us at 905-338-2008 or by email at
As always, my thoughts are with our community.

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