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Halton Catholic Students Continue to Do Well in Grade 9 Math Assessments

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Amanda Bartucci

Amanda Bartucci

Amanda Bartucci is the Communications Officer at Halton Catholic District School Board. She is attended St. Ignatius of Loyola in Oakville, and is a graduate of both Ontario College of Art & Design University and Humber College. She has been in her current position since 2013.

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The Halton Catholic District School Board published today its Board and school results of the province-wide 2014-2015 EQAO Assessments for Grade 9 Mathematics. The results indicate that Halton Catholic secondary students are faring exceptionally well in Grade 9 Math Assessments.

“We are pleased with these results, and most especially encouraged by the significant improvement in the results achieved by our students in Applied Math,” comments Director of Education, Paula Dawson. “Recognizing that EQAO results provide only one measure of student achievement, we will continue to use this data to identify strategies that enhance student learning across our district.”

Overall, the 2014-2015 assessments for Mathematics indicate that 87 per cent of the Board’s Grade 9 students are meeting or exceeding the provincial standard in Academic Math, and 65% of Grade 9 students are meeting or exceeding the provincial standard in Applied Math.

The 2014 Grade 9 Mathematics Assessment was conducted in each semester of the last school year (2014-2015). Two versions of the test were administered – one for students in the Grade 9 Applied Mathematics program and the other for students in the Grade 9 Academic Mathematics program. Each version was based on the Grade 9 expectations for students in The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 9 and 10 Mathematics, which sets Level 3 as the provincial standard.




The Halton Catholic District School Board employs a variety of data, including the EQAO results, to inform and plan the instructional strategies that are implemented in the classroom.

The student’s overall level of achievement, according to the levels given below is also reported.

  1. Level 4 – 80% to 100% or surpasses provincial standard
  2. Level 3 – 70% to 79% or provincial standard
  3. Level 2 – 60%-69% or approaching provincial standard
  4. Level 1- 50% to 59% or much below provincial standard
  5. Below level 1 – insufficient achievement of curriculum expectations

As advised by the EQAO, it is inappropriate and misleading to rank schools or to make individual school comparisons without taking into account a variety of contextual factors. More information may be accessed on the EQAO website at: www.eqao.com​.​​​