Halton District School Board addresses innovative approaches to teaching math with release of video series

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Recognizing the importance of the Ontario Ministry of Education’s release of the Renewed Math Strategy, the Halton District School Board has embarked on the production of a three-part video series designed to show parents/guardians how schools engage elementary and secondary students in Math instruction.

The first video in the series is called Beyond The Numbers: Understanding the Renewed Math Strategy. It outlines mathematics in the Halton District School Board, as well as the objectives of the remaining videos. The second part of the series, to be released at the end of May, will show Math instruction in action and innovative teaching in the classroom. The third and final video, to be released in September 2017, will provide supports, resources and practical ideas for parents and guardians to help them support Math instruction at home.

The Ministry of Education introduced the Early Years to Grade 12 Renewed Math Strategy to support the provincial goal of having at least 75% of elementary students achieve a level 3 or higher on provincial assessments in reading, writing and math. This strategy is multifaceted and data driven, mobilizing the latest research and lessons learned regarding effective Math learning, teaching and assessment.

A key focus for the Halton District School Board has been aligning Math instruction with the Board’s new Multi-Year Plan, released in September 2016. This Multi-Year Plan sets targets for students, staff and system; targets to be achieved by 2020.

While student achievement in the Halton District School Board continues to surpass that of the province, based on Ontario Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO), there is still work to be done. The Board is committed to helping students develop the confidence, understanding and skills needed to achieve success in mathematics.

“The Renewed Math Strategy is a response to provincial EQAO results in Mathematics which suggests a greater focus on Math teaching and learning is needed for students in Ontario,” says Tina Salmini, Superintendent of Education (School Program Services – Elementary). “That said, according to the most recent EQAO results, students in the Halton District School Board continue to exceed the provincial results.”

“The Renewed Math Strategy provides a clear vision for mathematics,” said Julie Hunt Gibbons, Superintendent of Education (School Program Services-Secondary). “It is providing the resources and supports we need to ensure students learn math in a way that is meaningful and relevant to their lives today, while helping them develop the skills and knowledge needed for their futures.”

“This is a partnership between teachers and parents,” adds Salmini. “We need to think of it in this context: we all know the value of reading to our children at night, so we also need to find ways to include math in various way at home with that daily routine.”


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