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Halton environmental film series returns to Oakville theatre

Halton environmental film series returns to Oakville theatre

Halton Green Screens, an eco-film series, which raises awareness about important environmental issues, is back at Oakville’s Film.ca Cinemas on Thursday May 12th and June 9th.

The series offers people throughout Burlington, Milton, Oakville and Halton Hills the opportunity to watch a variety of documentaries that range on multiple topics that involve the environment.

“I think that it’s really important for people to see what different issues are going on in the environment,” said Chantelle Misheal, program coordinator for Halton Green Screens. “It’s a little depressing to watch documentaries on your own, but when we watch it as a group we can have a discussion, talk about what action steps we can take and come up with more solutions for these problems.”

In Oakville, the film line up includes two documentaries; The Messenger which will be shown on May 12 and This Changes Everything on June 9.

Directed by Su Rynard, The Messenger, follows songbirds in danger, looks at the impact people have on them and the how their fate might reflect ours.

“It is a really great film and we will have a guest speaker from Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) which is one of the organizations that premiered in the film itself,” said Misheal.

Inspired by the bestselling international non-fiction novel of the same name by Naomi Klein, This Changes Everything is directed by Avi Lewis. According to the website the film looks at seven communities across the world and will make the viewer question the capitalist system and more.

The project group started under the Halton Environmental Network, a non-profit organization and has been showing environmental documentaries since around 2012, 2013. When the film series was re-launched in January 2014, it got partners and started to expand the program. Halton Green Screens is currently funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

“We look for the most impactful documentaries and then if we see that there is a need for certain issues to be addressed then we will go towards those films, but we don’t personally make any of the films,” said Misheal. “We just try to get them out to the public as much as possible.”

Tickets cost $5 for adults and $2 for students and the movies will start at 7p.m. at the Film.ca Cinemas located at 171 Speers Rd., unit 25.

For more information about Halton Green Screens visit the website at http://haltongreenscreens.ca.


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