Halton Police Crack Down on Speeding Drivers on Dundas Street in Oakville

A driver clocked doing 122 km/h.

Dundas Street at stop light
Halton Police Crack Down on Speeding Drivers on Dundas Street in Oakville
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Chantal Corner

Chantal Corner

Sergeant Chantal Corner is the Media Relations Officer for the Halton Regional Police Department. She grew up in Oakville and graduated from Loyola. She still resides in Oakville.

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After receiving a RoadWatch complaint, Halton Police conducted some directed traffic patrol in an area in the Town of Oakville and the results are shocking.

The Halton Regional Police RoadWatch initiative is a community driven program that encourages anonymous reporting of incidents involving dangerous and/or aggressive driving. Citizens are encouraged to document specific details of driving incident using the on-line report. These reports are viewed by a police officer and if deemed appropriate, a letter may be sent to the registered vehicle owner encouraging all who drive their vehicle to do so in a safe and responsible manner.

The Oakville District Response Team received a RoadWatch complaint regarding numerous speeding drivers on Dundas Street near Meadowridge Drive in the Town of Oakville.

Dundas Street is a posted 60km/hr speed limit zone in this specific area.

Since February 1st, an Oakville officer has devoted patrol and enforcement time to this area and has issued 39 Provincial Offence Notices, almost half of them, stopped at speeds of over 100km/hr. The following are the speeds at which drivers were caught exceeding the 60km/hr speed limit.

  • A transport truck hauling a trailer was stopped travelling 88km/hr.
  • 18 drivers were stopped and issued speeding tickets travelling between 90-99km/hr.
  • 15 drivers were stopped and issued speeding tickets travelling between 100km-110km/hr.
  • Two drivers were caught travelling 112km/hr and 122km/hr.

Both drivers were charged with speeding, stunt driving and had their vehicles towed. For one of these drivers, this was the third stunt driving charge in less than a year and half.

The majority of the speeders were from Oakville and Mississauga.

Speeding increases the risk of vehicle collisions and puts all drivers, passengers and pedestrians in danger. The faster you go, the less time you have to react to an unexpected situation. Add distracted driving to the equation and the risks increase even more.

Speeding is not cool, it is expensive and can be deadly.



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Readers Comments (8)

  1. Brayden H says:

    Maybe if they put the speed limit back to 80 like it should be, they wouldnt have these issues.

  2. j says:

    I agree with Brayden it should be an 80. Not that it should be a 120 or anything crazy. But come on people learn to drive and 80 is just fine for us drivers who know how to drive …

  3. Dan Woods says:

    Maybe it’s time to consider raising speed limits on four and six lane corridor roads? We’re continually told that we should slow down. But, what happens if we speed up? We reduce our time on the roads and reduce gridlock. Throughout the US roads like this are posted as 50 MPH. If the community is disobeying the posted limit, then it indicates that the limit is too low just as much as anything else.

  4. Nicole Gustin says:

    I feel so bad for the people these jerks pulled over especially considering that it was 80km/hr before (and still is in some areas). We’re human beings that are capable of limitless things yet we’re forced to roll down the streets? You may as well bubble wrap the community.
    Police these days are ridiculous. You get 1 out of every 10 that genuinely want to stop bad people while the rest sit on their asses all day cowardly waiting in side streets for some poor innocent soul to screw over. Wasn’t there a shooting in that vicinity not too long ago? Why are they pulling over people when there are obviously more important issues at hand…like kids running around with guns!? I don’t even think they would know what to do in a real criminal situation any more which is probably why they just beat or shoot us the second they think anything is “out of line”. Who are you really protecting!?!?!
    Talking about safety…do you think the roads are any safer when they’re congested with a ton of traffic? Do you know how many times I’ve seen traffic start because of the jerk that likes to drives directly on the speed limit (or worse…under)? Or how about when that officer pulls someone over? Do you think it’s safe for everyone to have to go around them? Every time you switch lanes it poses a threat! I can tell you how many times I’ve seen traffic slow down because these cops don’t even know how to properly pull someone over. “Heeey I think I’ll just stop right in the middle of the lane to deal with this”….get a clue!!!!
    I can’t believe there has been talk about reducing the speed limit. I think it’s more than obvious that the speed limit should be increased. How can you give tickets to so many people? Do you realize what you’ve done to them? To their insurance? While the poor get poorer the rich get richer. Who are you really serving!?

  5. George says:

    What a joke. Probably some stupid old bag complained and the pigs are all over it.

  6. John McLaughlin says:

    Perhaps the speed limit should be 80 Km/h on Dundas Street, as suggested – and policing resources better deployed elsewhere.

  7. Tracy says:

    so they widen it to 6 lanes and lower the speed limit from 80 to 60 km/hr and then it’s major news that they’re catching “speeders”…..who is complaining about it on Hwy 5 where there are no homes? So unfair!

  8. Tim says:

    Ridiculous! The speed limit should be at least 80 km/h. I was ticketed doing 73 at 11am (I was the only vehicle on the road). This section of Dundas is 3 lanes wide. A total money grab! How about you ticket people with washed-off licence plates, or those who like to break before they signal, etc…


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