Halton Police Website Now Offers Online Reporting of Traffic Complaints

A Traffic Complaint is different from a Driving Complaint

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Halton Police Website Now Offers Online Reporting of Traffic Complaints
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Chantal Corner

Sergeant Chantal Corner is the Media Relations Officer for the Halton Regional Police Department. She grew up in Oakville and graduated from Loyola. She still resides in Oakville.

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The Halton Regional Police field numerous traffic complaints throughout the Region of Halton and the District Response Teams in each municipality make every effort to follow up on the complaint, validate the driving behaviour and in turn conduct enforcement.

Halton Police has launched a more efficient way to report a traffic complaint, by going to the Halton Regional Police website and submitting the required information on-line.

A traffic complaint submitted should be a concern that is reoccurring at a specific location within the Halton Region. Information required includes what the traffic infractions is, the time of day it occurs, how often it occurs and any observations made of the driving behaviour.

Reporting a traffic complaint is different from reporting a driving complaint. A complaint about one driver’s behaviour is vehicle specific and this complaint can be reported through our on-line ROADWATCH program. http://www.haltonpolice.ca/PRC/Pages/ROADWATCH.aspx

Reporting a traffic complaint is location specific and is repetitive in nature, such as drivers running stop signs at a specific location, or excessive speeds down a specific street. These reports can include the following as long as it is addressing the location where the infractions are occurring:

  1. Stop sign or red light violations
  2. Excessive speed
  3. Aggressive driving
  4. Unsafe passing
  5. Careless / Dangerous driving
  6. Fail to yield to pedestrian
  7. Fail to yield to school crossing guard
  8. Community safety zone violations
  9. School bus violations

To submit an on-line traffic complaint, please go to the Halton Police website www.haltonpolice.ca or the following link: http://www.haltonpolice.ca/PRC/Pages/TrafficComplaints.aspx



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  1. Sally Wylie says:

    Intersection: New Street & Appleby Line, eastbouind drivers, turning north on green arrow keep proceeding through the intersection LONG AFTER both sides have a green. Today I saw two school aged children get pulled back by a man b.c they were saw the walk sign and walked and did not see the advancing cars were not stopping!! I see this ALL THE TIME. Disregard for pedestrians just so they can turn left. I’ve complained twice already, each time with a different close call.


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