Halton Region continues to deliver high-quality drinking water to residents

Halton Region continues to deliver high-quality drinking water to residents

Following its most recent annual review, Halton Region’s drinking water system met or surpassed all provincial regulatory monitoring requirements. Provincial inspections for 2013 resulted in a rating of 100 per cent for each of the systems inspected.

“Halton Region is committed to the delivery of safe, clean, high-quality drinking water for our community,” said Regional Chair Gary Carr. “The outcome of the audit reaffirms that Halton’s drinking water continues to meet and surpass the stringent standards imposed by the Ministry of the Environment and is among the highest quality.”

As required under Ontario’s Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002, owners of municipal drinking water systems must be accredited as an operating authority. In order to achieve accreditation, the operating authority must undergo regularly scheduled external audits of its drinking water system to ensure it conforms to the 21 requirements of the Drinking Water Quality Management Standard. Halton’s licensed drinking water systems were recently audited by NSF International Strategic Registrations, an auditing organization accredited by the provincial Ministry of the Environment, and earned certificates of accreditation.


Halton Region owns, operates and maintains 11 water treatment and distribution systems and is committed to: providing customers with safe drinking water; complying with applicable legislation and regulations; and continually improving the Drinking Water Quality Management System.


More information about Halton’s drinking water is available at www.halton.ca.


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