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In our scientific, rational world, mystery is more often experienced in movies than in our everyday lives. We want things explained, everything from why you were late for dinner to the origin of the universe.  But sometimes it takes a child to show us that a little mystery can enrich our lives immeasurably.

My colleagues were celebrating Communion.  My granddaughter and I gathered with others around the table at the front of the church to receive a small piece of bread and a tiny cup of grape juice.  Words were said as members passed the bread:  “The Body of Christ”, and “The cup of salvation”.  Hannah heard the words, “Jesus loves you.”  When we returned to our seats, four-year old Hannah joyfully threw her arms around me and said, “Happy God, Nana!”

Holy Communion (sometimes called, The Eucharist, or The Mass) is a sacrament (sacred ritual)  celebrated by most Christians.  In Communion, Christians remember what Jesus asked us to remember at his last supper with his followers.  For Christians who call this sacrament Communion, we lift up the moment when we are most in touch with God and all the people of our planet.

While theologians have written millions of words trying to explain what this ritual means and what effect it has on those who receive it, God’s grace brings an inexplicable joy to life.

Christians have a very special encounter with mystery on a regular basis.
Enjoy the mystery.  Happy God!


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