Healthy Schools Certification awarded to nine Oakville Schools

Healthy Schools Certification

The Halton District School Board is proud to announce that 20 elementary and secondary schools have been recognized and certified provincially for their work in promoting a healthy school environment.

Ophea (Ontario Physical and Health Education Association) recently released its list of schools that received a 2017-18 Heathy Schools Certification. In total, 255 out of 327 schools across the province achieved certification, determined through a points system, at levels of Gold, Silver and Bronze. Certified schools will receive banners that show they have been Ophea-certified.

Ophea’s Healthy Schools Certification recognizes and celebrates school communities for promoting and enhancing the health and well-being of students, staff and the broader community. This work supports the Foundations for a Healthy School, which is one of the four main areas of the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Well-Being Strategy: Equity and Inclusive Education, Safe and Accepting Schools, Positive Mental Health and Healthy Schools. This emphasizes the well-being of the student including academic success, and cognitive, emotional, social and physical development.

The table below lists the Oakville schools that have received Healthy Schools Certification.

Captain R. Wilson PSGoldPalermo PSGold
E.J. James PSSilverPine Grove PSSilver
Forest Trail PSGoldSunningdale PSGold
Oakwood PSGoldThomas A Blakelock HSGold
White Oaks SSSilver

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  1. Rick Brooks says:

    Congratulations to the schools that won the awards. The article would be far more meaningful if all the Oakville schools were listed with specifics as to why the others failed

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