Heat Warning Extended thru Tuesday Night

heat warning extended
Heat Warning Extended thru Tuesday Night
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Environment Canada’s heat warning extended until early Wednesday morning. They issued the warning at 6:41 PM. This is the 3rd heat wave we’ve experience this year, and they’ve all taken place this July.

During these extremely hot and humid days, air quality suffers. If you have breathing issues, take your time when you go outside.

The humidity is going to make it feel almost 10 degrees hotter. Monday morning’s temperature starts off at 25 (feeling like 35). The high reaches into the low 30’s and by the evening it does drop into the high 20’s. Thunderstorms are expected.

Tuesday the chance of thunderstorms continues. Tuesday’s high is expected to reach into the high 20’s (feeling like the high 30’s). The humidity starts to leave Oakville very late Tuesday evening.

Beating this heat challenges children who need to burn off energy. Oakville operates numerous splash pads and outdoor pools. Since Tuesday the chance of thunderstorms continue from Monday evening, finding activities indoors is important. Great locations for your children indoors are Oakville’s excellent community centres and public libraries.

However, if you don’t have air conditioning, the evenings are tough. To keep things as comfortable as possible here are a few suggestions:

  1. Run your wrists under cold water
  2. Take a cool bath or shower
  3. Keep your drapes closed during the day
  4. Mist your self – the water cools your skin
  5. Make sure you’ve got a fan

Hydrating is essential during heat waves. Keep a water bottle close all the time, and make sure your children are drinking regularly.

If you have elderly parents or neighbours keep in touch. They might need some help. The elderly and infirm suffer seriously while heat and humidity levels reach this level.

Your pets are also affect by these hot and humid days. They obviously need to get out, but keep their time outdoors limited. Don’t exercise your dog or yourself during mid-day.

Even though Environment Canada heat warning extended from this weekend and into early this week. It will pass.



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