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Heavy rain, freezing rain & strong winds – Weather Warning

Heavy Rain
Heavy rain, freezing rain & strong winds – Weather Warning
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Environment Canada issued a weather warning for heavy rain, freezing rain and strong winds that is anticipated to hit Oakville starting on Friday January 10th in the morning. This terrible mixture of elements is expected to last until Sunday morning, January 12th.

They issued this warning on Thursday, January 9, 2020 at 4:07 PM.

According to the Weather Network light rain is anticipated to start as early as 4:00 AM on Friday. It will be heaviest during the morning rush hour. The rain persists on and off through out the day and into Saturday.

Heavy rain is forecast for Saturday, January 11th from approximately 10:00 AM to midnight. Over that period 25 to 50 mm is likely to fall. Since the rain has fallen all day Friday, the ground saturates so that by Saturday flooding is possible. It also makes the chance of hydroplaning greater.

Temperatures will be above freezing for Friday and Saturday; however, with the windchill it will start to feel like zero around noon on Saturday.

The wind will be strong. It will range from 20 to over 60 km/h creating a windchill that will make it  feel 6 degrees colder.

The temperature drops from a high 10 in the morning to zero by about 9:00 PM. As we cross that freezing point, the pools of water change into ice rinks, making driving treacherous.

For Sunday, the weather network is forecasting that there is a 40 per cent chance of ice rain from 4:00 AM to 6:00 AM. It should begin to clear after that, but temperatures will remain below freezing for remainder of the day.


Hydroplaning happens when water comes between tires and road. What to do if your vehicle starts to hydroplane?

  1. Don’t slam on the brakes!
  2. Lift your foot off the gas – your vehicle naturally slows down, and you’ll notice when your vehicle’s tires make contact with the road
  3. Steer in the direction you want to go
  4. If you need to, apply the breaks slowly
  5. After you’ve regained control of your vehicle and you find that you are driving substantially below the speed limit – put on your hazards




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