Here’s What is Happening at Town Hall: March 27, 2017

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Here’s What is Happening at Town Hall: March 27, 2017
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Town Hall had a number of meetings the week starting Monday, March 20, 2018 to Friday, March 29, 2017 which included: Planning and Development Council, Livable Oakville (Official Plan Review) Council, and Site Plan Committee Meeting. Here you’ll find a brief overview of each meeting and what was accomplished.

If you would like more detail then provided, click on the bold meeting link which will open up the agenda for the meeting. On the agenda there is a link for each item which will lead to links on the right hand side for the specific reports.

Planning and Development Council:

  1. Remove the Hold on Development for 54, 58, and 62 Shepherd Drive for a multi-story rental apartment building be passed since all the conditions have been met.
  2. Mattamy-Kaitting Subdivision Agreement 24T-05012, North of Dundas Street, West of Sixth Line be executed.
  3. That By-law 2017-027, a by-law to dedicate certain land as part of a public highway (Block 392, Plan 20M-1183 – Wheat Boom Drive; Block 393, Plan 20M-1183 – Threshing Mill Boulevard; Block 394, Plan 20M-1183 – Postridge Drive; Part 1 on Plan 20R-20602 – Threshing Mill Boulevard; Part 2 on Plan 20R-20602 – Eighth Line) be passed.
  4. That comments from the public with respect to the Zoning By-law Amendment and Draft Plan of Subdivision application by Graydon Banning Limited (File Z.1324.05, 24T-15006/1324), be received; and that notice of Council’s decision reflect that any comments received from the public will be appropriately addressed.
  5. That comments from the public with respect to the Zoning By-law
    Amendment and Draft Plan of Subdivision application by Martillac Estates
    Inc. (File Z.1324.09, 24T-16005/1324), be received; and that notice of Council’s decision reflect that any comments received from the public will be appropriately addressed.
  6. That By-law 2017-025, a by-law to make housekeeping, technical and other modifications to Zoning By-law 2014-014, as amended (Omnibus Zoning Bylaw Amendment, File 42.25.16), be passed; and that notice of Council’s decision reflect that no comments were received from the public or, if comments are received, that they have been appropriately addressed.
  7. That the proposed Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment applications, as submitted by 1463291 Ontario Inc. (Dunpar Developments Inc.), File No.: Z.1516.02, and detailed within the March 7, 2017 Planning and Development Council report from Planning Services, be refused; and that notice of Council decision reflect that the refusal of the application was consistent with comments received from the public.
  8. Recommendation Report – Metroly Developments (Sixth Line) – Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment, Z.1316.06, By-law 2017-029 that, in accordance with Section 34 (17) of the Planning Act, no further notice is determined to be necessary; that the Zoning By-law Amendment (File Z.1316.06) by Metroly Developments, 2457667 Ontario Inc., as revised, be approved; that By-law 2017-029 be passed; and hat comments from the public be received and that notice of Council’s decision reflect that the comments from the public have been appropriately addressed.
  9. That the report on the Downtown Mitigation Strategy Framework from the Economic Development department be received for information, and that staff report back to Council with detailed mitigation plans in Q1 2018.
  10. Notice of Intention to Demolish – 3371 Trafalgar Road the staff recommends that a heritage easement agreement for the property at 3371 Trafalgar Road for the purpose of commemoration of the historic associations of the property be endorsed; and that the Town Solicitor be authorized to discharge the heritage easement agreement from title, at the expense of the owner, once the requirements in the agreement have been satisfied to the satisfaction of the Director of Planning Services or designate; that the heritage easement agreement be executed in accordance with By-law 2013-057; and that, following the registration of the heritage easement agreement, the property at 3371 Trafalgar Road be removed from the Oakville Register of Properties of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest.
  11. Livable by Design Manual (Part C): Site Design and Development Standards for Oakville — Modifications to document in response to PDC request from January 16, 2017 meeting be endorsed and staff be directed to implement; and that staff be authorized to make minor modifications/updates to the Livable by Design Manual (Part C) – Site Design and Development Standards for Oakville, and that major modifications to the design document be presented to Planning and Development Council for consideration and endorsement.
  12. Heritage Planning Work Plan Update 2017-2019 be received.
  13. Patio and Outdoor Display Fees – Oakville’s Business Improvement Areas as approved by Council in 2014 for the three year pilot program, be extended to the end of 2019; and that the rental charge for the use of town-owned lands related to patios and outdoor displays in Oakville’s BIAs be waived until the end of 2019.
  14. Kerr Village Community Improvement Plan – Building Façade Improvement Grant Program – 2016 Monitoring Report be received That staff continue the pilot for the Kerr Village Building Façade Improvement Grant Program in 2017; that Council direct staff to continue to waive application fees for encroachment agreements which are required to remedy existing encroachments as a result of approved façade improvements under the Kerr Village Building Façade Improvement Grant Program; and that Council direct staff to adjust the “Building Façade Improvement Grant Program Administration Guidelines” for 2017 as outlined in the report dated February 27, 2017, from the Planning Services department.
  15. Heritage Permit Application HP002/17-42.20R – 156 Randall Street – Relocation of Heritage Building/Construction of Condominium be approved, subject to: the revised plans for the new development be brought back to the Heritage Oakville Advisory Committee for further review and should address: stepping back the new structure behind the relocated heritage building and existing heritage building at 134 Thomas Street; massing concerns of the proposed development on the Thomas Street streetscape; and a sympathetic transition from the relocated heritage building to the new building.

Liveable Oakville Plan
The sub-committee met and reviewed the minutes from January 16, 2017, and discussed the Speers Road Corridor Study.

The next meeting with be April 18, 2017.

Site Plan Committee

  1. Private Residence -Two-Storey Detached Dwelling for 366 Galt Avenue be approved
  2. Private Residence, 3358 Lakeshore Road West be approved
  3. PAR-Med Property Services, 1060 Speers Road be approved for a one storey addition

Next meeting April 11, 2017



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