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Heritage Committee clears building permit backlog

Oakville Heritage Council
Heritage Committee clears building permit backlog
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The Oakville Heritage Committee met on May 19, 2020 to catch up on meetings that have been postponed during COVID-19. The discussion revolved around the building and renovation of Heritage sites.


May 19 also marks the beginning of Stage One in Ontario’s reopening plan. This means that construction can begin with fewer essential service restrictions than during the past two months.


There are over 550 properties designated as having heritage value in Oakville. As the summer begins, many people in Oakville may be doing work on their houses and properties. This will mean more heritage applications being submitted, so the Committee is attempting to clear their current backlog.

Reconstruction of historical teahouse gazebo

A historical gazebo on the east end of the Oakville is going to be demolished and rebuilt by the property’s owner. This is because it sits too close to the Lake Ontario shoreline. By demolishing the teahouse, it will be possible to build a new seawall along the shore.

Town Council similarly approved over $300,000 for city-wide flood mitigation efforts earlier this spring.

Oakville Heritage Committee

The teahouse is on a property on the east end of Oakville and was built in 1921.

Oakville Heritage Committee

The historical teahouse gazebo (left) will be demolished and rebuilt farther from the shoreline.

A restoration consultant described the tea house a “delightful sighting on a prominent bluff” of Lake Ontario and said that it was a “landmark for people boating or sailing.”

The gazebo was built in approximately 1921 and was partly restored in 2009. Reconstruction will follow the same designs and use many of the same materials as the current structure.


Gairloch Gardens Cultural Heritage Site designation

The Committee carried a motion to approve a Town staff recommendation that they designate Gairloch Gardens as a Cultural Heritage landscape.

This is the latest step in the 2014 Cultural Heritage Landscapes Strategy.

Oakville Heritage Council

The gardens extend from Lakeshore Road to Lake Ontario. There are also several buildings on the property, including one which houses the Oakville Galleries.

The Town claims the gardens have historical significance to Oakville history as well as the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation.

Gairloch Gardens

Gairloch Gardens Map

Image Credit: © OpenStreetMap contributors CC BY-SA


Other building projects discussed

  • Approval for a permit to rebuild 19th century wings of an Old Oakville house at 215 William Street.
  • Approval of an amended staff recommendation about the historical but heavily altered Old Oakville Jeremiah Hagaman House at 68-70 Navy Street.
  • Approval of alterations to historical house at 86 Park Avenue
  • Approval of an amended motion for Town Project to open up the 1899 Shingle Style Coach House at 114 King Street. The plan involved opening the Coach House to the public in association with the cultural heritage museum.


Heritage Committee Meetings

Heritage Committee Chairman Drew Bucknall said in his introduction that interested members of the public can “participate virtually” in these meetings by visiting Oakville.ca during the meeting or by dialling one of the Town phone numbers.

To apply for a heritage permit, visit Oakville’s Heritage Permit webpage.


Future Meetings

The next Heritage Committee meeting is scheduled for July. The month of June has many cancelled meetings due to COVID-19 precautions. The only meetings will be the Library Board and the regular Council.

The next meeting of Council Members will be next Monday on May 25. Councillors will discuss tax programs and financial reports. The planned agenda can be found here.

Bucknall ended by saying that the date and process for the next meetings will be decided “in due time”,  because of the constantly changing circumstances of the government’s pandemic response.



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