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Preparing your Children for School

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Nikki Taylor

Nikki Taylor

Nikki Taylor is the Registered Early Childhood Educator with extensive experience in childcare, family support and adult education at the Oakville Parent Child Centre. Nikki is also a continuing education instructor of professional relationship skills in the Early Childhood Education Department at Sheridan College. She is the mother of three adult children, and grandmother of two.

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As the days get shorter, it will soon be time to think about sending your child off to school. Whether they are going for the first time, or are a seasoned student, there is a lot to think about as September approaches. There is usually a little anxiety and always lots of questions. Who will my teacher be? What friends will be in the class? How will we get out of the house on time? Do you remember those feelings when you went to school? Take a deep breath and know that thousands of families will be going through the same thing on September 3rd.

Here are some ideas that may make this stressful time a little easier for all:

• Familiarize yourselves with the school. Take a walk; explore the grounds and when it is
open, walk around inside.
• Talk about feelings. Allow your child to express how they feel. Help them to explore
and understand their feelings and come up with ways to deal with them.
• Plan the morning routine with your child. Is your child a morning person? Are you? What are the important things that need to get done in the morning? What can be planned/done the night before? Make posters and use pictures to help your child remember what to do during the morning rush.
• Get involved. Parents who are involved in their child’s school feel more connected and
children love to see their parents in their school. There are many volunteer opportunities for parents in the schools.
• Have reasonable expectations of yourself and your child. There is always an adjustment
period when September comes around. We are often out of our routines in the summer. Give everyone time to get back into the swing of things.
• On that first day, don’t linger too long. It only prolongs the inevitable. A positive and quick good bye is easier for your child.

September can be a new beginning or a chance to start fresh. Your positive approach to school can help to foster a lifelong love of learning for your child.

You still have a few dog days of summer left. Relax and enjoy them.


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