How Oakville’s Public Sector stacks up on the 2016 Sunshine List

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Ontario’s Sunshine List 2016 for 2015 public sector income earners making in excess of $100,000 has come out, and it includes Oakville’s civil servants and local politicians. So if you were wondering where your property and provincial taxes where going, this will shed a little light on the subject.

The Town of Oakville’s top earner is Raymond Green who is the Chief Administrative Officer. Mr. Green earned $218K in 2015, and is a Professional Engineer. The Town’s top paid woman is Jane Clohency, who is the Community Development Commisioner. Ms. Clohency earned $209K. She is the third highest paid person at the Town of Oakville. She earned $15.00 less than Gord Lalonde, who is the Commissioner of Corporate Services and Treasurer.

Of top ten earners at the town of Oakville, four of them are women, and there are no visible minorities.

The top elected official for the town of Oakville is Mayor Rob Burton who earned $178K. This was $7K more than Mayor of Burlington, Patrick Goldring who earned $171K. Halton’s top elected official Gary Carr earned $173K. Mr. Carr is the Regional Chair.

The region’s top paid civil servant is Denise Hardenne. Ms. Hardenne is the President/Chief Executive Officer of Halton Healthcare Services, and earned $461K. The next top earner in the region and Halton Healthcare Services is Chief of Staff, Lorne Martin, who earned $425K. Ms. Hardenne took over from the current Oakville MP John Oliver.

In the educational sector the Director of Halton District School Board, David Euale earned $242, and Paula Dawson, Director of Halton Catholic District School Board earned $200K.

The top Ontario Public Servant earner for 2015 was Thomas Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer Designate of Ontario Power Generation who earned $1.528M. The top female earner for 2015 was Barbara Gail Anderson, Senior Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer for the Toronto Organizing Committee for the 2015 Pan American and Parpan American Games. She earned $844K, and was the third top paid civil servant in Ontario.

Women are definitively making strides in compensation and position in Oakville’s public sector; however, visible minorities among the top earners are non-existent. If you are interested in other articles about Oakville and the Sunshine List, check out the Surly Hamiltonian blog post: Town of Oakville 2015 Sunshine List, Rankings and Statistics.


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