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How to find the perfect gift this holiday season

Perfect Gift
How to find the perfect gift this holiday season
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As the holiday season approaches we are all searching for find the perfect gift. It can seem overwhelming. There are so many choices and the marketing campaigns can be persuasive. So how do you find that perfect gift? Here are a few steps:

Take yourself out of the equation

It is a hard thing to do because you are the one doing the buying. But the gift isn’t for you, it is for the recipient who has their own likes, wants and desires. No two of us are the same, so just because you think something is perfect doesn’t mean the other person does.


Sometimes the recipient will have told you exactly what they want. It might have been when you went for a walk or window shopping several months ago. If I notice someone is particularly delighted with something, I’ll make a note of it.

Think about what they like to do, though this can be a tricky. A person who loves to cook may have all the gadgets known to man, so buying another cookbook or kitchen tool may be pointless. However, if you happen upon a signed cookbook by their favourite cookbook author, it might be perfect.

Did you know if you purchase a cookbook and send it to the publisher, the publisher may send the book along to be signed by the writer.  You have to have a long window of opportunity to pull this off.


We all have people in our lives whom we love, but they just don’t feel comfortable letting us in. Letting us know what they want feels too forward. So observe or watch what they do, and you’ll start to clue into what that perfect gift might be. Maybe they are a chocolate lover, so pick up an amazing box of chocolates from a chocolatier, or they are a bird watcher and a specialist is in town giving a lecture.

Watching is particularly important if you are considering purchasing an article of clothing. Consider their style and colour choices before dropping that credit down. Also get the right size. There is nothing worse then giving someone an article of clothing that doesn’t fit. As a husband or close boyfriend just take a look in your their closet and read the clothing sizes on the labels. Be mindful that not all designers use the same sizing chart. Also the sales person at the store can be of assistance – especially if you are going to a place they shop at frequently.

If you are still wondering and want to be particularly diligent get out a tape measure – this way there is no chance you’ll make an error on sizing.



You don’t need to break the bank to finance the perfect gift, and in fact you shouldn’t. The recipient doesn’t want to feel guilty because you now can’t buy a cup of coffee for a month, so always buy something within your means.

Sometimes buying a physical gift isn’t the right thing to do. Possibly offering to look after a particular chore that this person wants to have done, making something, or doing something together is the perfect gift.

Stacy Yanchuk Oleksy wrote a great article about  5 Tips to saving during the Holidays that you’ll find helpful.

Occasionally the perfect gift is right in front of you, but normally it takes time and patience. So before you head out this holiday season, take a moment to make a couple of notes about the person. It will make your life a great deal easier.

Also always keep in mind that giving a gift is the act of letting the other person know that you are thinking of them.


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