How Will Ontario’s Cap and Trade Program Impact Your Oakville Business?

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Faye Lyons

Faye Lyons

A resident of Oakville and government relations and communications professional, Faye Lyons is Vice President, Policy & Government Relations for the Oakville Chamber of Commerce.

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While government has proceeded with the implementation of Cap and Trade, the Oakville Chamber of Commerce and Ontario Chamber of Commerce continue to work with our membership to try and educate businesses about what this will mean for your bottom-line.

We are also engaged in an ongoing dialogue with the provincial government to try and ensure the new program has as limited an impact on Ontario’s competitiveness as possible.

As the voice of Ontario business, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce has designed a pamphlet to help you understand the implications of the program for your operations and direct you to other useful resources. We understand that the cost of doing business in the province is rising, and will continue to ensure that business priorities are heard by all governments.

What is Cap and Trade?
The Government of Ontario launched its cap and trade program this year as part of its plan to reduce the province’s impact on climate change. The program sets a cap, or maximum limit, on the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that can be released by large emitters in the province (those that release more than 25,000 tonnes of emissions per year). Large emitters are required to hold permits equal to their total emissions, and can buy or sell these permits in the market based on their needs. This market activity generates a carbon price, or a cost to emit.

View the pamphlet to learn more.

We Want To Hear From You
We understand that the cost of doing business in Ontario is rising. We want to hear about your expectations for operating under the new Cap and Trade Program. How do you feel about the Cap and Trade program? How do you expect the program to impact your business? We will use this information to ensure that the voice of business continues to be heard on this issue. You can send in your comments to faye@oakvillechamber.com.


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