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Combat Identity Theft- shred your personal documents

Identity theft
Combat Identity Theft- shred your personal documents

​​Crime Stoppers of Halton, in partnership with Blue-Pencil Information Management, is hosting a spring Shred Event in May to help combat identity theft and related fraud.   Identity theft remains one of the largest means of fraud with losses running into the billions of dollars.

The event will take place on Saturday, May 25, 2019, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm in the parking lot at the Halton Regional Police Service headquarters at 2485 North Service Road West in Oakville.

For a cash donation to Halton Crime Stoppers, residents and business owners can access Blue-Pencil’s secure mobile shredder to ensure the safe and efficient destruction of personal and sensitive documents to help prevent identity theft and other financial fraud.  Items to be shredded should be brought to the event in returnable bins as there is no capacity to recycle cardboard or plastic at the event.

Halton Crime Stopper’s welcomes Blue-Pencil Information Management, a Halton-based privately owned Information Security provider, as the sponsor and partner for this year’s event.

David Wood, director of Halton Crime Stoppers, said this is the ideal opportunity for Halton residents to dispose of old documents to help protect themselves.

“Last year, our shred events securely disposed of over 14-tonnes of sensitive documentation.  We appreciate Blue-Pencil’s partnership for this shred event to help residents of Halton safely and securely dispose of their sensitive and confidential information,” Wood said.

He also cautioned that, while anyone can become a victim of identity theft and financial fraud, seniors and the elderly can be particularly vulnerable.  “When thinking about the secure disposal of your own sensitive personal documents, please also consider helping your family and friends protect themselves.”

Items such as:

  1. cancelled checks
  2. banking, tax, and other financial records
  3. old letterhead
  4. invoices
  5. copies of job applications and anything containing personal information

These items should never be placed into regular garbage or recycling streams.  In the hands of criminals, these documents can be easily used to obtain credit cards, access bank accounts, obtain passports and other identification, or even to obtain a mortgage on your home without your knowledge until it’s too late.  Destroying confidential and business documents is the best way to protect yourself and your family from becoming victims of fraud.

Mario Skopek, President, Blue-Pencil Information Management said that he and Blue-Pencil are proud to partner with Crime Stoppers of Halton to help give back to the community.

“Blue-Pencil Information Management specializes in increasing awareness and security of information for both businesses and individuals alike to help prevent identity theft and corporate espionage. Much like Crime Stoppers helps to secure our community safety, Blue-Pencil helps secure your valuable information.  We couldn’t be happier to assist Crime Stoppers with this community initiative to securely dispose of sensitive documents, while helping raise funds and awareness in Halton Region,” Skopek said.



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