In Conversation with Mayor Rob Burton

In Conversation with Mayor Rob Burton
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On January 2 at 9:00 AM Mayor Rob Burton walked into the town’s clerks office and officially submitted his nomination papers for the position of Mayor. If elected it would be his third consecutive term. The mayor is well prepared with his re-election focused website, which outlines what has been achieved in Oakville since he became mayor along with what he hopes to achieve for the next term. 

So when asked why he wanted to be the Mayor he launched into what he hoped to achieve, which is well documented. However, the question that was being asked was why would a very successful businessman want to be mayor. He could make substantially more money being a consultant or a member of a corporate board. The hours he works as mayor makes his income of $114,395 work out to be slightly above minimum wage. However as he said, “the number of hours he has committed was a personal choice.”

The Mayor was born in the US. His father was meteorologist for the United States Armed Forces during WWII and became a career military man. His mom ran the house filled with five children: three boys and two girls. She taught Rob, the eldest of her children to be self reliant. His early life was spent moving every three years from one military base to another, and consistently attended Sunday School under the dedicated tutelage of his mother. He learned to be happy regardless of where he lived, and acquired an in-depth knowledge of the bible.

In 1971 he received his master’s degree from Columbia University. His thesis linked dirty air to illness and death. After graduation he became a journalist for the Watertown Daily Times in New York State. A few years later he was recruited by CBC as a story editor for their new television program Market Place, so in 1972 he moved to Canada. Cambrian College in Sudbury then recruited him and he accepted. During a summer break from teaching in Sudbury, he went back to states to court his wife Wendy. By the end of the summer Wendy accepted his proposal, they were wed and  the couple returned to Cambria College.

Early in their marriage, Wendy secured a job in Ottawa as a news editor, so Rob was on the move again. It was in Ottawa when their daughter asked Rob why no television stations were dedicated to children’s programming. That simple question spurred the creation of YTV. Recognizing that the talent for a children’s station was in Toronto, the family moved to North Toronto. After a few years Wendy and Rob decided to move to Oakville. They wanted their children to enjoy the wonderful life and opportunities available in our town.

As a dedicated dad, Rob volunteered for his son’s hockey team where he became a good friend of Allan Elgar. In 1999/2000 both men were very frustrated by the town’s statement that none of the environmentally sensitive lands north of Dundas Street could be saved. Rob managed to get Allan to run for town council in order to save some of the lands. Alan won, but found that one councillor did not have enough clout, so for the next municipal election he came back to Rob and said that another voice was needed. It was then that Rob Burton agreed to run for Mayor. His first attempt was narrowly lost to the incumbent, but in 2006 he won.

Rob Burton has achieved a great deal in both business and politics, while still being a dedicated father and husband. Should he be re-elected – well that is a decision for the citizens of Oakville to decide.






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  1. Dennis Lammi says:

    what was the Rob’s status on his draft card of Vietnam

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