Interior Decorating and Design Secret #4: Up-cycled Outdoor Rooms


The warmer weather is here and we’re all heading outside.

One of the hottest outdoor decorating trends is to up-cycle furniture and re-purposes décor items from indoors and bring them outside.  So as you head outside, have a quick look around your house to see what items might be able to join you.  Creating your outdoor room can be fun and completed on a modest budget.

we-upcycle-diy-outdoor-lighting-oil-lamps-e1353335350175Up-cycle Furniture:

Personalizing a new colour scheme for your outdoor room is as simple as a fresh coat of paint.  Whether the pieces are iron, wood, or bamboo/wicker, there are great paints specifically for outdoor use.  Consider painting your plastic or resin pieces too!

Reclaimed or Found Décor:

If you don’t have furniture or décor finds suitable for outdoor use, it might be fun to visit your local furniture consignment store and see what they have.  Take your time, see the possibilities in all items large or small.

Rugs and Flooring:

When having a special occasions or entertaining, you may want to add a colourful cotton rug to coordinate with the party theme.  For children playing on hard surfaces a rug or foam block pads add protection and eliminate scraped knees.

FJN08HTG9S0ZOJR.LARGELight up the night:

Small white twinkle lights are not just for Christmas.  To create great ambient soft lighting decorate with these small lights. Wrap them around your cabana roof, deck posts, or under your umbrella frame for night time.

Go for the Fences:

Remember your room extends to the fences.  Decorating with re-claimed metal décor adds a colourful focal point to a solid wood surface.   For night time hang some enclosed candle holders in fun colours for soft lighting to emphases the fence line.

Now you know the secrets – let me know how you make out



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