Interior Decorating and Design Secret #5

The Best of Cottage Living


cottage shelvingWe have had some great hot weather this week and the long lazy days of summer are here. For some you’ll be opening up your summer property for cleaning and dusting and all that good stuff. This year, take along my top 5 cottage redecorating tips so you can refresh and rejuvenate your summer living place.

Store It Vertically

Think vertical! The higher the better for storage, especially in smaller cottages. Trunks serve double duty. They’re great for storage and great as tables. Need some more storage solutions and ideas? Ask about my new “Cottage Pick Me Up” service.

home_cottage_photoPunch Up Colour Selection

Use new punches of colour and pattern. Be different and daring; make your cottage decor stand out from your home. Cottage living is about fun and freedom, and that should be reflected in your decor.

Time for a Furniture Update

If you need to rescue a guest from the depths of your sofa, it’s time for an easy style replacement sofa (with functioning springs). Choose fabrics that can be easily cleaned, or add a summer slip cover. No high back stuffy chairs here. And don’t buy new – buy consignment and save yourself 50% – 80% of retail.

Cottage Bright ColoursAdd Those Kitchen Catchers

Take a little time to organize your kitchen and store like things together for efficiency. Interior design includes function as well as flair. Organize your space with metal inserts and baskets for easy living. Open shelves work great so everyone can help with the food preparation and clean-up.

Easy Casual Accessories

Accessories do not have to match. Gone are the days of theme rooms. When it comes to weekend getaways and cottages – casual and relaxed is best.

Create a new colour story, space plan, or learn more about my Cottage Pick Me Up today!

Now you know the secrets – let me know how you make out.



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