January 18th – Snow Fall Warning for Oakville – Update 1

January 18th Snow Fall Warning
January 18th – Snow Fall Warning for Oakville – Update 1
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For Saturday, January 18th 2020 Environment Canada has issued a Special Weather Statement for a Snowfall Warning. The statement was issued at 4:46 AM on Friday, January 17th. Environment Canada updated the Special Weather Statement to an Official Snow Fall Warning at 3:21 PM on January 17th. 

According to the Weather Network, the snow starts falling early in the morning of Saturday, January 18th, and doesn’t end until early Sunday morning. Maybe as much of 15 cm of the white stuff may fall.

Saturday starts off at a cold minus 6 and slowly warms up to plus 4 by midnight. As the temperature transitions the snowfall potentially transitions to ice rain to rain. This is a dangerous combination as roads become even more slick. As of 3:50 PM – Jan 17 the forecast indicates mixed precipitation starting in the early evening.

The winds are going to be blowing from the East with gusts reaching up to 40 km/h. Oakville gets hit badly when the wind comes from the East because the system picks up moisture from the lake. Along  the lakeshore we’ll have more snow.

If you can postpone travelling, you’ll likely be doing yourself a favour. The road conditions will become worse as this system moves through, especially if ice rain and rain start falling.  However, if you really need to be out dress appropriately: hats, mitts, winter coats, and winter boots.

If you’ll be driving, make sure you are prepared if you are stuck. The police will likely be responding to multitude of accidents. Make sure your gas tank is filled, you’ve got warm blankets, some food and water, snow shovel, flash light,  salt and an emergency travel kit.

The Town of Oakville is pro-active in keeping our road ways safe, and you can keep track of what streets have been plowed via the town’s Snow Plow Tracker. More information about what the Town of Oakville does about snow clearing which includes: plowing, salting, and sidewalks is available on Oakville.ca.

You can help out by clearing around fire hydrants, drainage basins. Try to keep the end of your driveway clear, and don’t park your cars on the street, this way the plows can clear the entire street.


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