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Job Journey: Nail the Interview with One Question

Job Journey: Nail the Interview with One Question
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Laura Machan

Laura Machan

Laura Machan is a senior recruiter with 20 years of experience. She solves complex business problems one search at a time.

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Picture this: you are at a job interview and things are going really well. The hiring manager leans back in their chair and asks if you have any questions. Bang! Here is your opportunity to cement everything and nail the job.

So, what do you ask?

Hint: Do not begin by asking about the start date. If they really want you, they already asked that question.

There are a couple of ways to go. One is to focus on the hiring manager.

  1. When did they start with the company?
  2. What do they like about the organization?
  3. What is the most meaningful part of their work?

You can also dig deeper into the company and it’s culture.

  1. What challenges does it face?
  2. What sets them apart from their competitors?
  3. What is the style of the senior leadership team?

Or you can ask about the role itself. You can ask about the compensation. Careful though. Sometimes employers don’t want to talk about that until quite late in the process. You could ask about whether there is variable compensation and how it’s tied to your performance.

The answer to that could be quite insightful. You could also ask for more detail about other other perks such as savings plans, company discount programs or tuition reimbursement. This one is nice because you could get a follow up question about your future goals around learning.
(so be ready for that).

There are lots of choices. The important thing is to think about it before you get there so that they are ready at hand. You don’t want to end an interview with a blank look and a shrug.

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