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Job Journey: Pre-Interview Check In

pre-interview check in
Job Journey: Pre-Interview Check In
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Laura Machan

Laura Machan

Laura Machan is a senior recruiter with 20 years of experience. She solves complex business problems one search at a time.

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Here’s a cool idea I picked up from one of my clients. Before you go for an interview, in that brief few minutes when you are cooling off in the lobby, use your smart phone to take a picture of yourself. It is all part of a pre-interview check in.

How do you look? Are your eyes smiling? Is there lunch in your teeth? How about your collar?Zipper

This is not just an exercise in vanity. It’s a way to check what you’re projecting and what the interviewer will see. It will give you just that bit more confidence for that so-important first handshake.

“Smeyes” is a video industry term for smiling eyes. Apparently, if you are modeling for The Bay, this is a key element of how you present. In this new world of empathy and collaboration, it’s a pretty hot item too.

You can practice smeyes at home. Stand in front of the mirror and think of something hilarious. Then force that energy up into your eyes. It’s pretty cool. You’ll be amazed at what it can do to your relationships with your partner/kids/dog.

So, check your smeyes and your fly and have a great conversation (but don’t take a picture of your fly in the lobby – that might be awkward).

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