John Oliver Campaign Office Opening Kicks Off Weekend of Action

John Oliver addressing supporters
John Oliver Campaign Office Opening Kicks Off Weekend of Action
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Angela Amalfitano

Angela Amalfitano is involved with several progressive political and social initiatives in Oakville. Angela holds a Master's degree in Professional Communication and has several years of experience in technical communication and knowledge management.

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More than 175 volunteers and supporters joined John Oliver, Liberal candidate for the riding of Oakville, as he officially opened his campaign office this past weekend. The event coincided with the National Weekend of Action, an initiative designed to mobilize Liberal volunteers across Canada with the goal of engaging Canadians in the lead up to the next election.

The office opening was extremely well attended. “I was humbled and overwhelmed to welcome so many Liberals and community members to our new campaign ‘home’,” stated Mr. Oliver. “Thank you to all who attended and brought such tremendous enthusiasm and energy to the occasion.”

Over the weekend, volunteer canvassers contacted over a thousand Oakville residents, either by phone or on their doorsteps. The Oakville Young Liberals were vibrant participants in both the office opening and canvassing activities. Canvassers reported that the Liberal plan for fairness has been very well-received in the Oakville community.

“What I’ve been hearing on the doorsteps is that this community wants change, and they want a government that works for them – not the other way around,” said Mr. Oliver. “This weekend, powered by our growing team of energized volunteers, we had the privilege of sharing with our neighbours the Liberal plan for fairness. This plan includes concrete steps to ensure a fairer tax system, including cutting tax rates for the middle class by 7%, and providing one bigger, fair, tax-free monthly cheque to help families with the high cost of raising their kids.”

“We are working hard to earn the trust of Canadians and the Weekend of Action is a great example of what thousands of volunteers can accomplish together,” said Mr. Oliver. “Every riding that participates helps build the momentum that will lead us into the next election. With over 75% of our candidates in place, the Liberal Party is well-positioned to show Canadians that the better government they deserve is possible.”


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