John Oliver sworn in as Oakville’s Member of Parliament

John Oliver with Judge
John Oliver sworn in as Oakville’s Member of Parliament
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Angela Amalfitano is involved with several progressive political and social initiatives in Oakville. Angela holds a Master's degree in Professional Communication and has several years of experience in technical communication and knowledge management.

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On November 14, John Oliver was sworn in as the Member of Parliament for the riding of Oakville. Surrounded by his extended family and dozens of supporters, Mr. Oliver took the oath of allegiance in the Commonwealth Room of the Centre Block on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

“Today, I am filled with tremendous feelings of gratitude, duty and obligation. To my family, I want to express my enormous gratitude for their support over the course of the campaign. I am also very grateful to the campaign team and their many, many hours of effort,” said Mr. Oliver after the ceremony. “While the oath is sworn to the Queen, my fundamental purpose is to serve the people of Oakville, and to them I feel a powerful sense of duty and obligation.”

“There is a very positive and enthusiastic attitude in Ottawa as a result of the strong mandate for change that Canadians chose on October 19,” continued Mr. Oliver. “I am very excited to be a part of this change. I look forward to representing my constituency in the next session of Parliament, which begins on December 3.”

Mr. Oliver was elected as the Member of Parliament for Oakville on October 19, 2015. Previously, he was the President and CEO of Halton Healthcare Services and was the driving force behind the new, state-of-the-art, $2.7B hospital that will open to the public in December. Oliver is a life-long Ontario resident who has lived in Oakville for more than 20 years. Married and the father of three children, Mr. Oliver holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McMaster University and a Master’s degree in Health Sciences Administration from the University of Toronto. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario (FCPA) and a recipient in 2013 of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for service to Canada.

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  1. John McLaughlin says:

    Congratulations to the MP for Oakville.

  2. Marilyn Mitton says:

    Hi John, You did it!! Congratulations on your fantastic win and your new career. I couldn’t be happier for you and your political party. Surprised? I continue to be a Michael Chong supporter (although Don gave him strong opposition in the election) but am thrilled we have a new government, and a majority at that! The time was long overdue and already, one senses a positive, progressive, more youthful, balanced leadership team who already seems more fair and just, and representing the desires of many Canadians. I feel excited and encouraged that you will be a contributing member of our Parliament.

    Know you are supported by many as you carry out your leadership responsibilities. May you carry no burden unshared. You will undoubtedly draw on your reserves of strength,courage and wisdom, qualities which you seem to have in abundance. I also have no doubt but what you will continue to always be yourself.

    I feel gifted that I have had the opportunity to cross paths with you over the years and learn from your values, beliefs and passion for the possible. I’m certain that your personal and extended families are extremely proud of you as am I.

    I’ll be watching for you on TV!

    Christmas and New Years blessings,

    Sincerely meant,


  3. John McLaughlin says:

    I watched the speech from the Throne yesterday to open the 42nd session of Parliament. Wonderful pageantry and circumstance.

    Some specifics and promises from the election campaign were missing from the priorities outlined by the Governor General yesterday.

    I will be asking our new MP to keep us updated.

  4. Daniel says:

    No contact info for John Oliver. Email. Twitter

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