Kapow! How to give your Resume Special Effects: Oakville Recruiter

Kapow! How to give your Resume Special Effects: Oakville Recruiter
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Laura Machan

Laura Machan

Laura Machan is a Partner, Recruitment Solutions for a major human resources consulting firm based in Toronto, Ontario. Although she has been recruiting for quite a few years, she still gets a big thrill from calling someone to set up an interview and an even bigger thrill when she hears a happy dance as she tells them when their new job starts. Laura lives with her family in Oakville, where she has lived for over 25 years, and is a significant contributor to the Canadian Federation of University Women - Oakville and Women in Nuclear, Golden Horseshoe Chapter.

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In most cases, your resume is the thing that provides the first impression of you to your future employer. You have got to make sure it does everything you want it to do.

Choice of words is very important. Strong, descriptive words are what make it compelling and interesting.

Think about different genres of novels. We keep turning page after page of a spy novel because there are words like gut, assassin, skulk and stakeout.

Romance novels entrance us with words like arch, gasp, rub, wet and moan.

You get the idea.

Your resume should be full of words that reflect your work and your successes. You don’t want to get too carried away with acronyms but you certainly want to show that you know the business and your achievements reflect that.

It’s not enough to just use “action” words. You need industry specific terms that will be appreciated by leaders in your space. That’s what really catches people’s attention.

So ditch the generic terms and get explicit.



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