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Knives Out: Movie Review

Knives Out
Knives Out: Movie Review
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Dylan J. Mayberry

Dylan J. Mayberry

Dylan J. Mayberry is an aspiring actor and has a strong passion for film. He was born in Brampton Ontario and has recently moved to Oakville. He is a graduate of Acting for Film & Television from Niagara college.

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Knives Out brings us back to a classic genre of film. The tried and true “Murder Mystery”. Time tested tales of whodunnit and the entertaining journey of guesses we all make on our way to find out. And while it is mostly entertaining throughout with excellent characters and an intriguing premise, it’s unfortunate that it sticks with some genre tropes that dull its blade.

The one element of a murder mystery that decides whether it’s a killer success or an empty shell is who did it, and it being the murder in this case. Either it’s so clever that you think about it long after the movie is done, or you feel disappointed that you guessed it so easily because maybe it was “too obvious.” And Knives Out walks a fine line. Either you are going to be impressed because you didn’t see it coming, or disappointed because you so clearly did.

Harlan Thrombey has just been found murdered in his study the morning after celebrating his 85th birthday with his family. Now the investigation begins as Benoit Blanc arrives and puts his detective skills to the test to figure out who could have committed this vile crime.

Knives Out

Photo: Lionsgate

Who are the Suspects?

The best thing about this film is the phenomenal cast. Daniel Craig steals every scene he is in as the immensely interesting and funny Benoit Blanc. Ana de Armas as Marta Cabrera portrays a character with real weight as we root for her to get out of every bad situation that she ends up in. And Chris Evans plays the hotheaded black sheep of the family Ransom Drysdale with such presence that makes him so compelling.

That’s not to say any of the other members short. Jamie Lee Curtis is wonderful, Toni Collette is hilarious, Michael Shannon is creepy. Everyone does such a great job with the admittedly average script that they elevate it to new heights.

The story on the other hand is either a big hit or very upsetting miss. It takes you down a lot of interesting turns and twists your perception. Right up until the half way point where it becomes a little clearer who did it. The movie brings so much attention to one specific piece that it practically spells it out for you before it actually spells it out for you.

The Verdict

This average ending though doesn’t detract from an otherwise entertaining film though. The characters are mostly all interesting even if some of them aren’t used as best as they could be. The jokes are usually very funny, and it helps that the actors delivering them are so good.

Fans of murder mysteries, mysteries in general, and original films with stellar casts should all see this movie. Just know going in to this that you are very likely to guess the ending far too early.

Knives Out manages to carve a well-rounded movie despite not using the sharpest blade on the wall nor knowing how to use one.


Knives Out

7 out of 10

2 hrs 10 mins. Mystery, Comedy, Drama.

Written and Directed by Rian Johnson.

Starring Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Don Johnson, and Toni Collette.

Now playing at Film.ca Cinemas, Cineplex Winston Churchill, and Cineplex Oakville & VIP.



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