Kobe – Beard Collie/Poodle Mix – Missing since Christmas: Please Help

Last seen on Friday January 9th near Garth Webb SS

Kobe, Missing Dog, Collie Poodle Mix, January 9 2015, Oakville, Ontario
Kobe – Beard Collie/Poodle Mix – Missing since Christmas: Please Help
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A professional dog tracker yesterday who discovered that the sighting at Garth Webb was not accurate. Kobe was last seen on Friday January 16, 2015 in front of the JYSK store on Kerr Street as well as next to Tim Hortons on Wyecroft. If you see Kobe please contact the Savelson cell anytime at 416-200-1423.

Original Posted on January 13, 2015 at 16:35 PM

Kobe, a Bearded Collie and poodle mix has been missing since Christmas Eve, when he bolted from a new dog sitters home. This 17 year old dog is still a lively guy, and missed by his owners. He was last seen on Friday January 9th by Garth Webb School.

Kobe is black with white highlights and a bit of tan. He is hard of hearing, but in very good shape. He escaped from a new dog sitter on Thistledown road near Monastery and Dorval December 24th. On Boxing day he was spotted on Monk’s Passage.

“He is very friendly but is now in survival mode and will be cautious,” said owner Bob Savelson.”He had a collar with our contact information and his Rabies vaccine information.”

“We have contacted: Oakville Milton Humane Society, Halton Waste Management, Oakville Taxi, Oakville transit, The Police, posted on Helping Lost Pets website, and all local vets,” stated Francine Savelson.

Another person called Sunday night and who saw a black dog running across Dorval and entering the Glen Abbey golf course.

In both instances as much of the area as possible was covered, but Kobe wasn’t found.
After Oakville Beaver article was published the family was interviewed by Cogeco Community TV yesterday and it will air Tuesday at 6 pm on Channel 23 or 700. There is also a Facebook page for him Help Us Find Kobe and it is regularly updated.

What people can do to help

  • Like his Facebook page and share it with everyone they know in the area. Post any new ideas that might help; they are always welcome
  • Check their backyard, under their decks or any place on their property that could be a good hiding place. Also check for prints in the snow
  • Contact the Savelson Family for some of the flyers we printed if they would like to distribute them to people’s to mailboxes in the area around Glen Abbey
  • If anyone sees him, please approach him calmly and offer him any kind of food.
  • Please call the Savelson cell anytime at 416-200-1423 if you see Kobe.


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