Latest results of Kindergarten Parent Survey will drive change

Latest results of Kindergarten Parent Survey will drive change
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Beth Williams

Beth Williams

Beth Williams is the communications and marketing manager at Our Kids Network. To Beth, collaboration is everything. Individuals from agencies and organizations in the early learning and care field; library systems; child, youth and family services; faith-based organizations; and the public, education, mental health and children’s services sectors are connected through OKN.

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Thousands of parents with children in kindergarten completed the Oakville Kid’s Network Parent Survey. The parents provided new insight into the health, wellbeing, and experiences of local families with young children.

Kindergarten Parent Survey Statistics

  1. This is the sixth cycle.
  2. The survey is conducted every three years.
  3. This year, over 2,681 parents participated.
  4. 44% of parents responded.
  5. Since 2003, 14,717 families completed the survey.
  6. Children attend the HDSB or HCDSB

Dr. Elisabeth Wells, Research and Knowledge Broker for Our Kids Network, said high parental participation is critical.

Just 23% of parents feel connected to their neighbourhood.

“We rely on parents to give us a window into their homes and communities,” she said. “When we have so many parents telling us about their lives and their children’s lives, we know we have relevant, credible data to share with our partners.”

Partners include:

  1. community agencies
  2. faith groups
  3. schools
  4. regional and municipal staff
  5. recreation departments

The survey indicated less than one-quarter of parents feel connected to their community. Just 23% of parents reported high levels of neighbourhood cohesion.

“Having a sense of belonging to the community leads to positive outcomes for children and families,” she said. “It means that children have role models outside their families and that people are more likely to contribute to the community. Feeling connected to our neighbourhood and our neighbours matters.”

This need for community connection is one reason why Our Kids Network works to nurture and support partnership and collaboration at the neighbourhood level.

The community members all work together to provide and improve opportunities for local children, youth, and their families.

2018 Kindergarten Parent Survey Highlights

  1. 74% of kindergarten children receive child care on a regular basis
  2. 41% of parents of kindergarten children often or very often feel rushed and pressed for time
  3. 60% of parents feel very or extremely confident as a parent, compared to 68% in 2015
  4. 94% of kindergarten children are eating breakfast
  5. 77% eat fruits and vegetables three or more times a day
  6. 40% of kindergarten students get the recommended one hour of physical activity every day

“People are getting the message that data makes a difference in real life,” Wells continued. “Our Kids Network has the important job of collecting and reporting on data directly related to the issues that matter to families in Halton. Our work leads to policies and programs that meet specific community needs.”

About Our Kids Network

Our Kids Network uses research and teamwork to improve the lives of children, youth and families by supporting the professionals who work directly with them.

Playing an active role by encouraging everyone to invest in children, youth and families, we believe that the entire Halton community shares responsibility for helping children and youth thrive.


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