Learn to Power Shop- Part Two: Your Body

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Learn to Power Shop- Part Two: Your Body
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Lisa Holdaway

Lisa Holdaway

Lisa Holdaway is the owner of Evolving Fashion Inc, a Fashion Consulting business located in Oakville, Ontario. Specializing in helping men 25-65 navigate through the shopping process to improve their image both for work and meeting women! Lisa's streamlined shopping process allows her clients to improve their wardrobe quickly and easily. Lisa and her husband recently moved home after a decade living in BC to be closer to family after having their second child

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In effort to be more organized in 2015, we’ve been talking about power shopping. How to get out there, make the most of your time, and finally buy what you need to fill your wardrobe with things that actually make sense (and make you feel great).

Last week we talked (wrote) about how to dress when shopping. Now, the meat and potatoes- how to maximize your efforts. Below are three considerations when learning to power shop.

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Have a good idea of what you already own; Photo credit: Magnus D / Foter / CC BY

1. Know Your Wardrobe

Understanding what you have in your wardrobe, allows you to more easily figure out what you need. When you get dressed for work, or for going out, is there ever that certain something you just feel like you are missing? Maybe a cool bar shirt, or a go-to shirt and tie combo. When you experience these moments of frustration and can’t seem to figure out how to put together an outfit, write that need down (aka tell Siri), or make a mental note. Keep a running list of these items. This will stop the aimless searching, and dramatically cut down on time wasted not getting what you really need.


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You need to know your body; Photo credit: epSos.de / Foter / CC BY

2. Know Your Body

Some people’s body size changes throughout the year and others stay the same no matter what they do. You need to know what your body is doing right now. One of the biggest mistakes I see is people buying clothing for what they want their body to look like, instead of what their body is actually like. You need to buy clothing that fits you right now, not your ideal weight. This will help fill your wardrobe and not clog it with articles you hope to one day wear.

3. Know Your Size

Every clothing company fits just a lit bit differently. It depends on what country they are made in, and who the ideal demographic is, so you will naturally fit some brands better than others. Go through your wardrobe and figure out which shirts, jeans, suits etc fit you best (how do you know what looks best? call me!). Note the brand, the style and the size. Also watch the brands that just don’t seem to work. This will help you to determine where you should go shopping, and where you should avoid wasting your time visiting. When you go to your ideal store, you can quickly and easily locate the style (relaxed fit, classic, and slim are examples), select your size and hit the change room. You will not waste time trying on clothes that will never work.

Topman Shoe Section

You should know all your measurements from neck to shoes;  Photo credit: amsfrank / Foter / CC BY-SA

Take the time to familiarize yourself with your wardrobe. Know what you have, what you like and what you need. Understand all of this will take the frustration out of shopping and guarantee results. 2015 will be your most fashionable year ever!

If you missed part 1, please check out:  Learn How to Power Shop, Part 1: What to Wear.