Learning How To Hack & Crack Computer Systems at Sheridan College


This past Saturday, July 20, nine teams of students from Sheridan’s Bachelor of Applied Information Science (Information Systems Security) program competed in a seven-hour battle of technical skill and acumen, with a goal of learning how to stay one step ahead of hackers.

Teams hacked, cracked and social engineered their way up the scoreboard by sneaking into computer systems, decoding cryptographic puzzles and even picking padlocks. “This type of activity is referred to as ethical hacking” says Nicholas Johnston, Professor in the BAISc program and the event planner. “It hones a security professional’s skills so that they can outwit nefarious hackers and better protect IT systems from criminal intent.”

When the dust settled, the team called the “drop table teams;–” (consisting of three fourth year students) stood at the top of the scoreboard. The top three teams received prizes generously donated by contest sponsors Control Gap Inc. and LCM Security Inc. The organizers extend their thanks to everyone who participated as well as the event’s volunteers, sponsors, and organizers.

“This type of event exemplifies the talent and skill of the students from the BAISc(ISS) program, and it provides a terrific way to make learning hands-on and meaningful”, says Mark Orlando, Associate Dean, School of Applied Computing. “Our graduates are held in high regard in industry for their abilities in a variety of information security disciplines. We are going to make this competition an annual event to give students the chance to further develop their technical, troubleshooting and teamwork skills.”



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