Leo needs your help today – OHMS Funds Stretched!

Leo - Dog
Leo needs your help today – OHMS Funds Stretched!
Caring for so many dogs with costly medical treatment and surgery has strained the resources of the Oakville & Milton Humane Society. We need help.
YOU can change a life.  Here are just a few of the dogs who need your help…
Sadly, sometimes accidents happen and tragedy can occur.  Leo was just 2 months old when his hip was fractured from a fall. He required strict rest until he was big enough to have the critical surgery he needed. Leo needs your support as he slowly recovers.
Poor Piper came in with a marrow bone wedged onto her lower jaw which caused her tongue to be trapped. Frantic, Piper was rushed to the veterinarian’s where she  just had the bone removed.
Harvey was found shivering on the side of the road one cold, wet night and was brought to OMHS. Stained from urine and fecal matter, this thin dog needed help. With your support, our doors are open 24-7 for an animal in distress.
Hailey suffered extensive injuries when she was hit by a car. With a broken pelvis and a fractured vertebra, she was in agonizing pain and unable to walk. The road to Hailey’s recovery is long and the extensive care and surgery required is costly. Your generosity will provide the care she needs.
OMHS relies entirely on donations and your generosity to care for and find homes for Leo, Hailey and all of the animals. Please help today.
It is only with your support and donations that we can rescue and save so many animals. You can maximize your impact by becoming a monthly supporter. You will make a difference 365 days a year. Every gift is important – every dollar helps.



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