Letter to the Editor: Oakville Family thanked for saving Garlic – a much loved beagle

Letter to the Editor: Oakville Family thanked for saving Garlic – a much loved beagle
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Dear Oakville Family,

Our adorable, funny, devilish, old, beagle Garlic, unbeknownst to us, was out on our road, the Mono/Adjala Townline during the Monday evening of the Civic Holiday. It is gravel and very hilly, usually without much traffic. However last Monday night it was busy, probably as an alternate route for returning cottager traffic.

It was also the night before our weekly garbage pick-up. As Garlic never misses an opportunity to eat, especially gourmet garbage, she must have stealthily left our property to partake of the beckoning buffet!

The first I knew that she had escaped was when a family arrived in our driveway at dusk, with a great deal of kind concern and our Garlic in their arms. They were on their way home to Oakville from a cottage when they found her on the side of the road, thankfully unharmed.

In the excitement and confusion of her being returned I did not thank them properly. We sincerely hope this letter might reach them via your newspaper and with it our heartfelt appreciation for their timely rescue of our pup.

Jane Pady



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