Letter to the Editor: Oakville MPs asked to Support Carbon Tax & M-103


Dear MPs John Oliver and Pam Damoff,

I encourage you to unequivocally support the proposed national carbon tax (or equivalent implemented by individual provinces) and Bill M-103.

A revenue-neutral carbon tax can provide multiple benefits:

  1. it can fund tax credits or rebates to the lower income groups to offset increased prices for gasoline or utilities
  2. it will help do Canada’s bit to fight climate change: if every nation does nothing then we all go over the ‘climate cliff’ together
  3. it will act as a stimulus to renewable energy innovation for Canadian industry; there are more renewable / clean tech jobs in Canada , than in the oil and gas industry. Does Canada want to be left behind while the rest of the world takes the lead in these fields?
  4. lower carbon usage will keep our air and water cleaner; nano-particles from coal plants and internal combustion engines are responsible for a lot of the heart and lung disease in Canada: let’s all be healthier AND spend less on health care.

Regarding Bill M-103, this is a statement of intent and will have no effect on the laws in this country. Let Parliament clearly state that Canadians do not support discrimination based on religion – any religion. Let Parliament clearly state that we want a peaceful, harmonious society based on existing Canadian laws and values. Let this harmony be based on closer ties within the community, deeper understanding of our neighbours, and not feed anxiety and fear based on a lack of understanding.

Hart Jansson,
Oakville, Ontario


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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Larry Morden says:

    This bill is one f the stupidest ill thought of pieces of legislation ever devised. It is nothing but a tax grab. Canada only produces 1.6% of the worlds co2 and if you add to it the credit for the forests we have we have a negative carbon output.
    This tax will increase out costs on every thing we perches and produce making Canada uncompedative in world markets and dramatically increase our unemployment.
    This bill is really bad for Canada.
    You will never get another vote from me or my friends.
    Larry Morden

  2. Harvey says:

    Ill conceived, not thought out, reactionary. How’s that!
    Canada is a net minus in carbon production. This is nothing more than a tax grab; politicking to the perceived audience, which this current government has misread from the beginning.

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