Letter to the Editor: Reject the Carbon Tax & M-103

Letter to the Editor: Reject the Carbon Tax & M-103
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Nolan A Machan

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Dear MP Pam Damoff & MP John Oliver,

As my representatives in Parliament I wish to express to you in no uncertain terms my absolute rejection of the following Government initiatives:

  1. The Carbon Tax
  2. M-103

The carbon tax makes no sense. We are in no position to harm our economy whilst having no effect whatsoever on global Carbon levels for the sake of “feel good” politics. If Canada were to suddenly depopulate and shut off every single source of green house gasses including our own respiration, the resulting effect on global carbon levels would be statistically zero. Canada should not go on a starvation diet because our neighbours are fat.

M-103 is the worst kind of initiative as it would ultimately harm the people it purportedly means to protect. Islamists would use M-103 as a cudgel to silence and criminalize moderate Muslims such as Tarek Fatah and would also criminalize individuals, organizations and news media from commenting or reporting freely.

I refuse to tolerate intolerance in the name of tolerance and I hope that you and the Government will as well.

Steve Edgar,
Oakville, Ontario



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Readers Comments (2)

  1. L Sharp says:

    Excellent letter, Steve Edgar. Thanks for eloquently expressing what so many in Oakville are thinking! These proposals amount to nothing more than virtue signalling, and, if implemented, will have negative consequences for all Canadians.

  2. Harvey says:

    Carbon tax : a cash grab. We ( Canada) are net minus producers of carbon!
    M 103 : it’s a feel good motion. End of importance, not worth the controversy.

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