Liberal Budget 2014: A Progressive Conservative Perspective

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Liberal Budget 2014: A Progressive Conservative Perspective
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Larry Scott

Larry Scott

Larry Scott is a senior finance professional with strong international experience leading fixed income and commodities businesses. His career culminated with a successful role as head of the global commodities business for Bank of Nova Scotia. He is the Provincial candidate the Conservative Party.

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Two weeks ago, I was invited to hear the Minister of Finance deliver the 2014 Budget at Queens Park.

It was budget day. The one day of the year when government is expected to account for itself. To bring out the ledger. To show people how much of their money is coming in, how much is going out. And more importantly where your tax money is going.

The Liberal budget failed the people of Oakville, and the people of Ontario in two basic ways.

First, there is no jobs plan in the budget.

Second, it does far too little to steer us off the path toward a massive, $30 billion deficit and a looming $411 billion debt.


The Ontario of today has too many people out of work, too many families getting squeezed by paycheques that are too small, and too many politicians worried more about their own jobs than the jobs of Ontarians.

Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC Party’s Million Jobs Plan will put Ontario on the right track by balancing the budget and making the right choices.

I’m Larry Scott, and I want to bring jobs back to Oakville. That is why I’m running for the Ontario PC Party. I want to be your voice, and Oakville’s voice at Queen’s Park.


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