Liberals are fighting for Bill C-51 amendments that protect your rights and freedoms


The Conservative Party’s Bill C-51, the Anti-Terrorism Act, has generated significant attention and discussion here in Oakville. It is important to understand the Liberal Party’s position on this issue.

The Liberal Party of Canada feels that some aspects of the bill—such as making better use of no-fly lists, allowing preventative arrests, and fostering greater information sharing between security agencies—will improve our collective security. However, many of you have reached out to me directly to voice your thoughts and concerns about this legislation. I have passed on your feedback to the party, and I am pleased to report that they have listened. To fight for changes on behalf of Canadians, the Liberal Party has remained engaged in the process.

The Liberal Party filed 10 amendments to Bill C-51 to address aspects that citizens and experts found troubling. For those Oakvillians who have expressed concern over the type of protests that would be covered by this bill, please know that one of the Liberal amendments ensures that legitimate forms of protest will not be affected by this legislation. Another issue that this community has raised with me is the lack of oversight. Three Liberal amendments have addressed this problem by advocating for a new Parliamentary oversight committee, ensuring full annual reviews by the Security Intelligence Review Committee, and requiring an annual review by the Privacy Commissioner. You can read more about all 10 Liberal amendments here.

With their majority standing in the House of Commons, we know that the Conservatives can pass this legislation without the support of the opposition parties. The Liberal Party of Canada will use all avenues at its disposal to fight for changes that protect your rights and freedoms. Should the Conservatives ignore your concerns about this bill and reject our amendments, the Liberal Party will make this an election issue. Canadians can then send a very clear message to the Conservatives through the ballot box in the 2015 election!


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