Life of Wonder is “Life of Pi”: A Must See!

Life of Pi was one of those movies that really wasn’t at the top of my wife’s list of must see – but after reviewing the selection of potential movies this Saturday and a little nudging from me, off we went. My wife doesn’t like movies that involve animals dying, and usually isn’t too keen on art films – this movie promised to be both. So I considered myself lucky that it won an academy award, and she said yes.

220px-Life_of_Pi_2012_PosterOn the other hand, I enjoy art films, especially if it is Canadian. Having worked in literary publishing for years – I understand how difficult it is get Hollywood to option and then make a major motion picture based on a literary book. Mordecai Richler is about the only other Canadian that has had this level of success.

So we settled into our seats just as the movie began – and we were taken on a visual ride of a magical tale of a young man surviving 220 plus days stranded on the Pacific Ocean with just a Bengal Tiger as a companion.  At times – we were drawn into the beauty and then terrified by the gory reality of survival with a wild cat. The creativity that has gone into this film is magical,  transcending the viewer’s sense from reality to ethereal. The music blends seamlessly with excellent actors who are working with a perfect script.

It is also the first movie that I sat in the first row, with 3-D glasses on that I so thoroughly enjoyed. The front row is always my last choice.  Life of Pi is a film that everyone should see, and will likely become one that will stand the test of time. It might just be one of those films that will be shown year after year, much like Gone with the Wind.


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