Linbrook Public School Goes Private

Linbrook Public School Goes Private
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Dave Gittings

Dave Gittings

Councillor Dave Gittings and his wife Susan have resided in Ward 3 for the past 25 plus years. Their three children attended Chisholm, EJ James Public School, and Oakville Trafalgar High School.Recently after a 30-year career in advertising management at the Toronto Star, this is Dave's first term as Town & Regional Councillor.Dave has been actively involved in both the business community and with a wide range of Oakville associations and groups.

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Last July, Town Council directed staff to negotiate the lease or sale of the former Linbrook P.S. property, with the objectives of maximizing the financial return and protecting the local neighbourhood. At the November 12th meeting of the Committee of Adjustment, the use of this property as a private school was approved. On January 27th, Town Council confirmed the sale of the property with the following conditions.

  • Maximum enrollment of 180 students.
  • The woodlot at the back of the property remains a public park.
  • Easements on most of the open parkland, which is to be accessible for public use after school hours. 
  • The sale will also be pursuant to a three party agreement between the Linbrook Boys School, St Mildred’s – Lightbourn School and the Town which will define operating times and traffic, parking and bussing issues, along with defined reviews and penalties. 
  • The Town also retains the right to repurchase the property at the agreed sale price for 15 years, should the school not continue.

Renovations to the Linbrook School for Boys K – 8 are to commence this month, in preparation for this September’s start of the 2014–15 school year.


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