Living Green in Oakville


Living an environmentally aware life in Oakville has many advantages. These advantages range from improved health to an improved bottom line. Having more green in my back pocket is always a pleasant experience.

Green built homes are healthier to live in. The air quality is far superior to traditional built homes – so if someone in your family is suffering from Asthma to Chronic Headaches – you will likely want to consider a green built home. Your comfort will increase, since Green Built homes are also quieter and less drafty as well.

Your wallet will be thicker in a couple of ways: One, you’ll be spending much less on heating, cooling and general operating expenses. A green built home will be saving you on average from 60% to 80%. So if the average home. If the average home’s operating cost is $400 per month then a Green Built home will run at  $100 per month. Over a 20 year span that addition saving of $300 will compound to: $140,000 with an increase of 2.5% annually to the deposit amount and a return on savings of 4.5% annually. Two, the value of your Green Built home will resell from 5% to 15% more than a similar traditional built home.


So keep a little more green in your wallet, and live healthier life in a Green Built home. Green living is very easy in Oakville.

Here are a few links to help you live a little greener:


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