Local Unifor 707 delivers a Unique and Quality Federal Candidates Debate

Terence Young, Che Marville, John Oliver
Local Unifor 707 delivers a Unique and Quality Federal Candidates Debate
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On Thursday October 8, 2015, the last of the Oakville All Candidates Debates for Federal Candidates was held at the Unifor Local 707 Banquet Hall. Unifor 707 is the union that represents Ford Motor Company employees; however, the attendance of more than 250 people was 90 percent residents, and remainder were union members.

Unlike the other two debates, Unifor made the decision to have federal candidates from only the Oakville Riding: Terence Young (Conservative), Che Marville (NDP), and John Oliver (Liberal). David Doel of the Green Party was invited but declined. This format allowed for each Candidate to go into a little more depth. They were given 3 minutes to give an opening statement, and then the moderator asked three questions which were:

1. Will you commit to renegotiating the TPP in order to protect jobs related to the Ford Motor Company of Canada.

The response from the candidates followed what we have been hearing in the news. However, Terence Young managed to have a little more information about the trade deal and believes that this is a good deal for Canada. The NDP indicated that they would not move forward with it. The Liberals believed that since there is no information out on the deal – it was hard to make a comment – but said they would study it.

2. How will your party create well paying jobs for Canadians?

The Conservative response was to keep our corporate taxes and payroll taxes low, along with providing $1 billion in order to support the auto industry. The NDP’s response was a goal to create 1.3 million new jobs through programs such as their innovation centre program, as well as lowering taxes for small business, and increasing taxes on larger corporations by 2 percent. The Liberals outlined their policy to kick start the economy by investing in infrastructure, which would create immediate jobs.

3. How will your party protect universal healthcare and make it more inclusive?

This was an interesting topic especially for Oakville’s three candidates. Terence Young has championed Vanessa’s Law, which helps to protect patients from the medical system inadvertently administering the wrong drug. Che Marville (NDP) has been involved in programming for nurses, and indicated that more had to be done to help the staff on the front lines. Liberal, John Oliver’s comments related to his time as the CEO of Halton Healthcare, and he believed that the lack of leadership from the Federal government on health was the reason for a weakened healthcare system. Oliver suggested better co-operation between the provinces and the federal government would go a long way to improve the current situation.

The remainder of the evening was given over to questions from the floor which were well thought out and caused an occasional stir. A question about the legalization of euthanasia was asked. The conservatives were against; the NDP and Liberal position that it required a great deal more thought and consideration. The general belief from the Liberals and NDP is that at the end of life critical patients with no medical treatment options and extreme pain, there is an option that the government needs to consider.

Another question that was brought up at all three debates related to the legalization of marijuana. Conservatives are against it with the exception of a patients who have a doctor’s prescription. The NDP do not want to charge people who have small amounts. The Liberals believe that it should be legalized, regulated, and taxed.

The Niqab being worn at during legal proceedings was again brought forward. The conservatives believe women should not be allowed to wear a Niqab during legal proceedings. Both the Liberals and NDP believe it is a woman’s right, stressing that Canada has always been an inclusive society and should remain so.

There were many more excellent questions. Along with the previous two debates, this one provided a great forum for voters to see their Candidates express their party’s views on a variety of issues. The formal debates are now finished; however, there is still plenty of time to read the four parties platforms. Early voting takes place in Oakville this weekend, and Election Day is Monday, October 19, 2015.

For more information on political platforms, the following links will help:

  1. Conservative Party Platform
  2. New Democrat Party Platform
  3. Liberal Party Platform
  4. Green Party Platform


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