Black Box Studio Theatre

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2302 Bridge Road
Oakville, ON


The Black Box Studio Theatre is located in the QE Park Community and Cultural Centre. It is one of three locations performance spaces available in Oakville.

The QEPCCC Black Box Studio Theatre is a multi-purpose performing arts space suited for theatre, music, dance, conferences, workshops, and exhibition displays. The studio can accommodate a variety of seating configurations from audience to cabaret style seating.

Performance Area

  • The main performance area of the space is 40’x 60’ with heavy black theatrical drape on tracks that can be arranged in almost any configuration.
  • The floor of the space is fully sprung, with Masonite top in matte black, ideal for dancing.
  • For events that require staging we offer Wenger Versalite stage decks (12x 4’x8’ & 2x 4’x4’) with railings, a variety of leg heights and steps. Stage must be requested at time of booking.


  • A 40’x 20’ storage space is attached to main performance area for quick changes and storage during an event.
  • Gallery systems hanging track is installed along all walls.
  • Food and beverages can be served in the studio theatre.
  • The facility has two dressing rooms available when booking the Black Box.

Multi Media

  • A 17-foot projector screen with a High Definition 6000 lumen projector, all being fed by an intuitive Crestron video & audio switching system, which accepts essentially any video source.
  • Crestron A/V control with inputs for almost any video and audio source. (VGA, HDMI, Composite, Component video).
  • Blu-Ray player permanently installed, which can also play DVDs and CDs.


  • The space has a full lighting grid 17’ off the deck with 96 lighting circuits and DMX access throughout the room.
  • A variety of ellipsoidal and flood fixtures are available in both a set and customizable lighting plot.
  • Strand Classic Palette II Lighting Console with 1024 DMX outputs and near infinite amount of cue storage.
  • 10x 19 Degree ETC Source 4, 12x 26 Degree ETC Source 4, 10x 36 Degree ETC Source 4, 20 Altman 1000watt Fresnels, 6 Roscoe iCue intelligent mirror device.


  • The space is equipped with a variety of speakers to be setup in any configuration should the event require audio reinforcement.
  • BBE Soundweb London series processing feeding Crest amplifiers and 4x JBL SRX712M and 2x JBL STX812M speakers.
  • Full complement of professional microphones including, Shure SM58, SM57, Beta 58, Beta 57, Sennheiser MD421, MD441, e609, e906, e904. AKG D112, Audio Technical AT4033CL, Neumann and more.

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