M.P. Pam Damoff’s First Speech in Parliament

Response to Last Week’s Throne Speech

Pam Damoff in House of Commons
M.P. Pam Damoff’s First Speech in Parliament
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In her first speech to the House of Commons since being elected, the first M.P. of the new Oakville North-Burlington riding, Pam Damoff spoke before the House today in response to last week’s Throne Speech on Parliament Hill. It was an experience the new M.P. will never forget.

“I was deeply honoured to have the opportunity to speak in the House of Commons, before my elected peers, in response to Governor General David Johnston’s Throne Speech,” said Ms. Damoff. “Governor General Johnston presented the Liberal government’s plans and priorities for the 42nd Parliament and I am so pleased to be able to speak to a plan I fully support in the House. It was also an opportunity to thank the voters of my riding for their trust.”

The Liberal government promised a new tone for Parliament in a throne speech that set an ambitious agenda of tax cuts for the middle class, a more robust peacekeeping role and a new health-care deal with the provinces.

Friday’s 15-minute address, titled “Making Real Change Happen,” also committed to building a new relationship between Canada and First Nations based on respect and recognition of rights. It also promised a better future for Canada by being “smart and caring on a scale as never before.”

In her first address before the House, M.P. Damoff congratulated her colleagues on all sides of the House on their success in the recent election and in keeping with her well recognized positive campaign style, expressed her hope that a new era of respect and civility will “dawn on this great Parliament.”

M.P. Damoff reiterated her long-standing determination to promote and protect the environment, supporting the Liberal the plan to invest in clean technology, taking action on climate change and reducing Canada’s carbon footprint.

“I was delighted to hear Governor General Johnston recognize that a clean environment and strong economy go hand in hand,” said M.P. Damoff. “This is something I believe deeply. Leadership from the Federal government will motivate other levels of government, business and all Canadians who need to be partners together in tackling climate change.”

In response to the Governor General’s determination to ensure that every First Nations child receives a quality education, Ms. Damoff spoke fondly of two teenaged sisters who live in her riding who founded Books with No Bounds to because they too believe every child deserves a quality education. M.P. Damoff recognized these two young ladies as the sort of future leaders the Liberal government counts on to move Canada forward.

Friday’s Throne Speech outlined key federal government priorities on infrastructure investment, something M.P. Damoff solidly supports.

“I have seen first-hand the importance of investing in public transit, green and social infrastructure,” said Ms. Damoff. “The need for affordable housing has never been greater. The need to provide our young people with the necessary skills to succeed in a changing workplace is critical and ensuring that everyone has a safe, affordable and environmentally sound way to get to commute is key to ensuring our young people can afford to live in our community and not be forced to move away.”

Ms. Damoff acknowledged her family, friends and the many people who were instrumental in helping her reach the House of Commons and remembering a favourite quote from a personal hero.

“I will take Canadian hero Terry Fox’s words to heart as I work with other members of the 42nd Parliament to make real change happen for all Canadians,” said Ms. Damoff. “Terry said ‘anything is possible if you try – dreams are made possible if you try.’ I believe him and look forward to taking that sentiment with me to the House every day.”


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