Madagascar presented by Canadian Club of Halton

Madagascar presented by Canadian Club of Halton
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A snowy early winter evening on November 15th welcomed Canadian Club of Halton dinner guests to a fascinating and educational presentation on the island nation of Madagascar. The island is situated off the southeast coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean.

The guest speaker, Travis Steffens founded Planet Madagascar. He is its Executive Director.  Planet Madagascar is a Canadian not-for-profit conservation education & community development organization.

Dr. Steffen has a BSc in Primatology and a Masters in Anthropology both from the University of Calgary, and a PhD in Evolutionary Anthropology from the University of Toronto.

Planet Madagascar’s Mandate:

Protect Madagascar’s biodiversity while improving the lives of the people who live there.

Travis, and his team research how primates respond to habitat loss and fragmentation. They apply those research results which includes the residents of local communities participation.

Madagascar is the 4th largest island in the world, roughly the size of Alberta. The island has 26 million in habitants of which 2/3rd’s live on less than $1 US per day.

Millions of years ago, Madagascar separated from the landmasses of Africa, India, Australia and Antarctica . The result, it is now home to plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth.

The island is especially well-known for lemurs. Lemurs are primates. There are over 100 species, almost all classified as rare, vulnerable, or endangered.

Travis Steffen presented “Lemurs, Forests and People: Building Sustainable Forest Communities in Madagascar”.  He informed the audience about Planet Madagascar’s efforts to educate and train the local residents about the:

  1. importance of responsible fire management and prevention
  2. forest restoration
  3. conservation of lemurs
  4. conservation education programs for children and adults
  5. a women’s cooperative focused on sustainable agroforestry and forest restoration

Eventually these projects will include sanitation, women’s health and education.

Planet Madagascar

More information about Planet Madagascar  available at www.planetmadagascar.org.


Photo Credit: Janet Bedford

Canadian Club of Halton

The Canadian Club of Halton, with over 200 members, presents 7 guest speaker dinners September through April at the Oakville Conference Centre and is now in its 33rdseason.

The next dinner takes place on Thursday, January 24, 2019. Non-members are welcome.

Reservations are required.

For more information, visit www.canadianclubhalton.ca.


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